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    A Year in the Slow Lane in a '30 Ford

    BACKING out of the garage before work on a mild day last fall, Jonathan Klinger heard a loud backfire from his 1930 Model A Ford.

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    Fabrizio Costantini for The New York Times

    HIS CHOICE Jonathan Klinger attends to his Model A Ford, nicknamed Sophie. More Photos »


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    One More Year on the Road

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    Fabrizio Costantini for The New York Times

    The 80-year old car was driven to Detroit last month for the auto show. More Photos »

    The engine died. When Mr. Klinger restarted it, he heard a loud hiss and immediately feared the worst: a blown head gasket. But it was not so dire. The top had blown off the vacuum fitting for an accessory whistle, leaving a dime-size, but potentially disabling, hole.
    Mulling a solution in his kitchen, Mr. Klinger spotted a cork. He pulled out his pocket knife, whittled the cork to fit and jammed it into the hole. Crisis averted.
    “The wolf whistle was the weak point and couldn’t stand the backfire pressure,” Mr. Klinger, 29, said. “I was relieved because I was on my way to a meeting. My goal was to never miss or be late because of it.”
    When your daily car is an octogenarian, you must be prepared to improvise.
    He is ready — a good thing, too, because he is committed to driving the Model A for a year as his regular transportation. He is some four months and 5,000 miles into his endeavor.

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    Re: A Year in the Slow Lane in a '30 Ford

    Pretty cool, have to share this with some of my car crazy buddies. I have one of my cars insured with these guys. They have good deals for collector cars that aren't everyday drivers.

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