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    New helmet vote--can someone post a poll?

    Am I supposed to be able to add a poll?

    Anyway--I don't want to wait for's see what CF thinks about the new helmet designs.

    Personally, I like the idea of Cyclones--as the only team with that brand. But I really can't stand the ******. Seems too wimpy to me--plus anything stylized like that is likely to go out of fashion quickly. (I think this design will look outdated in 5-10 years)

    I don't like I state because -- well -- we'd be starting over with something completely new for a brand--unestablished. Also, I never call us "I State". I always say "ISU" or "IOWA STATE". Can't help but feel like we might start getting called "I STATE", and then which "I" state is it?

    Of the three, I go with the big block ISU. Classic, bold, easy to read from afar. I wouldn't say it's my perfect design ever--but certainly the best of the three for me. Sure you can still ask "which ISU", but at least we've been, and we've known ourselves as, ISU for a long time. I suppose you could argue that nobody ELSE is known as I STATE so that could be a good move away from ISU.

    Still want to add some type of cyclone (tornado) graphic. Something classic that will still look cool 25 years from now.

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    Re: New helmet vote--can someone post a poll?

    The CF Poll is HERE.

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