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    Twister Sister Summary - Ladies dominate against OSU

    Well, I ended up being able to see this one after all. Was I glad because there were moments that were just electrifying. This was a game that on paper, ISU should have won. From the beginning you could tell this was going to be a fast game. No half court, run the clock down for either team. It was all run, run, run.

    ISU started out sharp. You could tell the team was prepared out of the blocks. The first problem we faced was when AP picked up her 2nd foul 4 minutes in. She never saw the court again in the first half.

    There were lots of fouls called throughout the half. I can honestly say that 90% of the fouls were just that and the officials called them. It seemed the inside players were the ones with most of the calls. OSU's Young picked her 2nd up 5 1/2 minutes in. and all of our bigs had two fouls in the first. Zimm had 3. One thing I noticed about Zimm…she doesn't seem to have the power or quite the size when she has to play inside.

    The scoring for our ladies was spread around with ISU being aggressive on both ends of the court. Big C continued her strong play as she was tough on D and made some nice moves for scores on offense. The fouls added up more for OSU than our ladies and resulted in ISU being in the bonus for the last 13 minutes of the first half. In some ways I was surprised we didn't attack more to take advantage of that, but McIntyre made her presence known. She's a 6'6" big girl who was actually at ISU's elite camp but never got offered by the Clones. She made some very nice shots showing a nice touch and definitely altered things on defense.

    Cole looked impressive again as she managing the ball and scored when necessary. She seems to have found her confidence and role on this team. This is a big thing to give us another ball handler when Loz is off the court or to have two on the court at the same time.

    This was another one of those halves where it seemed that ISU should be leading by 15 or 20 and not 8 or 9. We were outplaying them and it wasn't showing on the score board. It seemed like OSU just did enough to keep this game within reach. A big part of that was that OSU was kicking our butt on the offensive glass late in the first half. This gave them numerous chances that they took advantage of.

    Final First Half Note - I've yet to see ISU convert an end of half possession this Big 12 season. Again we had the ball, got a good dish to Jess who was fouled and then missed one of her free throws. ISU led by 10 at the half 40-30.

    The second half started with ISU hitting a pair of 3's from Bolt and Big C that got the lead out to 16. AP was back in the game and made her presence known quickly as she scored 6 quick points and drew a big foul (#3) on Youngs. This is clearly a different team when AP is on the court and hitting shots. It reminds you of teams of old that had the inside and outside games. She hit 10 points in the first five minutes of the half. It was a 3 fest for ISU as they took an 8 point lead and turned it into an 21 point lead in about 7 minutes of play. EVERYONE was hitting from the outside. Harris, Bolte, AP, Big C, Loz…it was a beautiful thing to watch.

    Amazing stat - OSU is one of the top scoring defense teams in the country and ISU lit them up like a roman candle tonight.

    Young and Bias picked up their 4th fouls with 10 minutes to go. This would change OSU's lineup in a big way. The fouls continued to build as at least four players for OSU had four fouls and Keller fouled out.

    Bolt - she just quietly did her thing. I noticed the other players more than I noticed Bolte throughout the game. I'm not sure why, but she had some great plays and led the ladies with 20 points and 5 boards. When will the national press start talking about this amazing young woman?

    Pop - played some tough defense and made some great plays getting rebounds. Didn't contribute much in the scoring column, but she is a confident player all of the time. Always the workhorse.

    Cole - the streak ended. She had two straight possessions with turnovers. One on a jump ball when I thought she should have been dribbling out of trouble. The second was a push off as she brought the ball up court. Bill let her play through it which I thought was a vote of confidence. The one thing she is missing is being able to drain free throws. Her shot just isn't pretty and doesn't go in with regularity.

    Jess - was nice to see her running at what appeared to be full speed tonight. Her aggressiveness was evident on the offensive end as she did what Pop normally does…grab offensive boards.

    The rest of the game slowed down as both teams were playing good D and neither seemed to be able to get the ball in the basket. Bill seemed to shuffle the lineup back and forth so different lineups of the main core of players were getting to play together. The game ended up with ISU winning by 20 79-59. I will say the number for OSU is a bit misleading as they scored several easy buckets at the end against the ISU reserves.

    Another good game by the Sisters and now…a big one…Oklahoma.

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    Re: Twister Sister Summary - Ladies dominate against OSU

    The one thing that has been slightly irritating me this season is that Bolte has not gotten Big 12 player of the week. She has been doing amazing stuff this season, and has not been recognized for it. It's not just Bolte, but Anna should of had a good chance a few times. I am also a little disappointed with the fact Big C has not gotten big 12 rookie of the week. I am wondering if this is because she scores a lot but it is quiet scoring. For example most of us are amazed when we see how many point Big C scores because we know she is scoring but don't realize it is adding up. I just want one of our players to get an honor. It doesn't have to be all 3, but I am tired of the same people getting it.

    ^other than that rant. I thought the game went super well. We needed this win to boost our confidence for OU. I am proud of the girls. OU got beat tonight against Baylor (92-70) Our game against Baylor is looking very good.

    I think overall our scoring was even. We are looking better and better every game.

    Keep on improving ladies! :) We are past the worst of the schedule and above .500. Keep bringing us wins! :) :)

    Once a cyclones, always a cyclone.

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