OK everyone. I need some help tonight. I had a a school board meeting and had to miss most of the game. I followed most of the second half and can make a couple of observations. Other than that I'll leave it up to those that saw the whole thing to report.

First of all...that must have been quite a first half. 45 points? Wow.

Second, Bolt is on track to contend for Big-12 player of the year. Another fantastic game as she knocked down 9 of 12 shots and 6 of 8 free throws for 26 points. Add a measly 9 boards and you have OUTSTANDING.

Third, Prins made a statement. Still missed some shots, but she got the kind of stat line we'd all like to see from her every game. 10-18 from the field with a big second half. 2-4 from long range. 9 boards. Very nice.

Last note - Elly Arganbright hit a nice 3 pointer in the game! Way to go EA!

This was a game that I, quite honestly, was worried about. I remembered the first half against NU last time and wondered about the psyche of the team after the ATM battle. Well, the ladies proved their toughness again as they went on the road and won what I called a critical game. This will be followed up by critical game #2 against Mizzou Saturday. Woo Hoo!! Keep it coming ladies!!