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    Has athletic performance peaked?

    We may have reached our biological limits in sports.

    Peaked performance - The Boston Globe

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    Re: Has athletic performance peaked?

    I've seen this discussion on several sports and science shows, and I think it depends on which aspect of sports we're talking about. If we're talking about throwing a baseball or football, yeah, we've probably reached our peak because, according to various shows, our best athletes have reached the limit of structural integrity in terms of the kinds of stress and strain shoulders and arms can handle. However, when it comes to running, according to these scientists, no, our best athletes haven't even come close to peaking out - the legs, theoretically, are capable of handling a lot more than they are currently put through, and this partially explains why, after a hundred years, you still see new world records every few months/years in terms of 100 m dashes, however, you virtually never see anybody throw a 105-mph fastball.

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