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    Sisters fall in ugly game (OT 66-60)

    Another slow start and this one would be another incredibly ugly first half. Little did I know it would just be an ugly game period. In a smart move CU put a smaller player on Prins. All you have to do is listen to interviews to know that bothers her. She, like the rest of the team (except Bolte) would struggle and be ineffective. This was the ****** of this game.

    ISU started 1-8 from the field…ugh. The horrid shooting would continue. Colorado played tight physical D where they got away with a lot of banging and hitting. It is clear that ISU should be a better team, but CU would out shoot us, out rebound us, and out hustle us.

    ISU would hold CU scoreless for 5 min after early splurge but the ISU bigs (Pop and Zimm) missed bunnies left and right. Unforced turnovers hurt us throughout the first half and the entire game.

    Cole is a defensive stopper, but was perceived (rightfully) as a big liability on offense. CU dropped off her early and often much like everyone did to Stuckey last year. She got a lot of minutes today and outside of an early five points she was definitely an offensive liability.

    Prins was pretty much horrible in this game. After having three straight great games she regressed to junior high levels. She couldn't hit shots, had several rebounds ripped away from her and was just plain out muscled on the court. In two games at CU, her home, she was bad. Some late poor rebounding in overtime and a miss at point blank range contributed to our loss.

    Face it…we struggled from the field. We were only 4-14 ten minutes in and 4 of 21 (2-10 from three) fourteen minutes in. See the trend? Our three point shooting is abysmal. Most are barely drawing iron. Imagine what this might be like if Chucky were playing. We're against an undermanned CU team and stinking it up offensively. Its amazing that we were actually in this game at all.

    I think the only thing I can say is this was our usual first half bad performance.
    The women just don't seem to panic though. They keep fighting and Pop was the one that really keyed a steady comeback as ISU was down by 11 (27-16) and crept back into the game 29-22. The end of the half reminded me way too much of the last possession vs. Nebraska. Loz dribbled the clock down, drove and lost the ball. Perhaps what was stranger is that she was tripped by a CU player and no foul was called.

    Second half started off the same with ISU struggling on offense. Prins had a turnover and missed a bunny later. What I saw was an ISU team that is standing around on offense. The movement that ignited the second half vs NU wasn't showing up here. While we struggled CU continued to hit their shots and again led by 11 three minutes in. A little tidbit. ISU was 7-35 from the field at this point. And Prins picked up her 3rd foul and went back to the bench with zero points, 1 board and 3 fouls.

    Not much you can do when you can't hit a basket in a game. This wasn't so much CU as it was ISU's offense completely and utterly disappearing. To make matters worse it appeared that the defense also slipped as CU pounded inside time and time again to score. Leaving our defenders standing in their wake. What should have been a big advantage (the inside) for the sisters became our weakness.

    In spite of everything that was going wrong I kept thinking ISU was keeping within striking distance. The lead would go to 13 and then they would scrape back to 8. Bolte was singlehandedly keeping the ladies in this game while everyone else struggled. With 13 minutes left, We had only hit 3-15 three point shots. It was at that point some things started to happen. ISU hit a three. Defensive stop. ISU hits a two. Defensive stop. All of a sudden it was a two point game literally 1 1/2 minutes after being down 11. Just as quickly CU pushed it back to seven.

    Knowing ISU's struggles from the field, CU immediately began to double team Bolte overtime she had the ball. The rest of the team kept throwing up bricks. Time was getting tighter with eight to play and down seven. Bolte would strike with a 3 and CU would answer with their own. With seven to play Prins scored her first points of the game and then picked up her fourth foul.

    Time was crunching down. The ladies were playing defense and the offense kept struggling. Prins missed a point blank hook. A pair of Pop free throws would help pull the ladies within 3. Just as you could feel a move CU would hit a 3 and it was a six point lead again. Nerve wracking. A wish was answered as the ladies BOOM hit a three via Harris. It would come down to one possession with 28 seconds left. Bolte would hit a bouncing off balance three with five seconds left to tie it. CU quickly moved up court and got a time out at their end with 4.7 left. Nailbitter? Uhm YES. How did it happen? ISU held CU to three points in the last 4 minutes of play. Biggest charge of her career…Pop drew a charge when CU drove the lane and ISU almost won in regulation as the full court pass got into Bolte's hands and she almost hit the shot at the buzzer.

    Unfortunatley the overtime wasn't anything to talk about. After Prins opened the scoring it would look much like the rest of the game. We missed shots. We missed them badly including an airball by Harris. Our second best free throw shooter (Big C) would miss 3 of 4 free throws. Cole would miss two free throws. CU wouldn't.
    When it came down to it, ISU didn't execute and our youth and inexperience (probably an excuse on my part) really showed through on this one. The worst free throw shooting team in the conference iced this one at the line by connecting when we didn't. We had our chances and honestly we just didn't look like a very good team today. I suspect when CU comes to Ames it will be a very different story. But for today David slew Goliath.

    Player of the Game - Bolte. She single handedly - and I mean all by herself - kept us in this game. She would hit 10 of 18 shots, 4 of 6 from deep for 26 points. Pop actually made her points at the line (surprise) scoring 9 points and pulling down a monster 13 boards. Six of those were offensive (out of our 10 total).

    Scary stat - We went 11-48 from the field without Bolte. We shot only 31 percent from the field. Loz - 1-11, Cole 2-6, Big C 0-2, Prins 2-9, Zimm 1-4. Ugly.

    Just when I was thinking we could (with a great game next weekend) start the season 5-1, it is just as likely that we could be 2-3 at the end of the month. That will be tough to come back from, BUT the toughest Big-12 games will be behind us.

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    Re: Sisters fall in ugly game (OT 66-60)

    It is interesting that Prins has trouble with the smaller defenders. She had successfully managed her mind in the three prior games but not this one in front of her hometown crowd. I think she'll get it back but she will have to decide that she is going to do it again.

    Will will win!

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    Re: Sisters fall in ugly game (OT 66-60)

    Good wrap up. I had a lot of fun cheering for the sisters. Really going to miss them next year.

    From my point of view I thought the refs were horrible. It seemed liked it leaned a little towards CU but bad on both sides for sure. I think CU's defense really used there advantage and played pretty tough physical D all games.

    I think the most disappointing thing was our inability to score inside. We had so much height on them it seemed like it should be easy. Later in the game there were a few times where it did look easy.

    A heartbreaking loss but glad they at least made it a games.

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