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    Ash Avenue, New Sports Complex and Drainage

    First, I did read the complete thread that was posted earlier and didn't find the answers I was looking for so you don't need to link me there.

    We just accepted an offer on our house and are now looking to move to Ames. One of the houses we want to look at is located on south Ash Avenue, which I've read has drainage issues during heavy rains.

    If you or someone you know lives in that area, how bad is the "torrent" that covers the street? Does it affect basements, or is it just runoff? I assume anything that stayed dry this year is probably safe from almost anything in the future. Has ISU released any more details to homeowners in the area about how drainage will be handled with the new sports complex?

    I'm just looking for information, not trying to start a debate like the last thread.

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    Re: Ash Avenue, New Sports Complex and Drainage

    From what I remember any heavy rain (and it has to be really, really heavy) just covers the street and is rare. If the house is down by Country Club Blvd, rain would flow down there.

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