Don Fessler was surprised to learn the standoff on the north side of Des Moines on Monday lasted seven hours.

"Really? That long?" he said.

Asked what he was doing in an apartment building for seven hours as a heavily armed law enforcement squad stood outside in the cold, he said he was "shooting dope" and watching television.

Fessler, 42, whose criminal history stretches to his teenage years, is seven years into a 10-year prison sentence for three robberies. About a month ago, he walked away from a transitional correctional facility that allowed him to work elsewhere.

Officers tracked him down Monday morning, but he wouldn't come out of the apartment building where he was staying. In the afternoon officers fired tear gas, stormed the building and arrested Fessler.

He faces new charges, and tenants are left with a giant mess in their homes.

During long standoff, man was 'shooting dope'; tenants left with mess after siege | | The Des Moines Register