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    Please Read: ISU Compliance holiday information

    This is from Iowa State's compliance staff. They asked me to post this update to help spread the word of rules regarding student-athletes and holiday gifts.

    The holiday season is upon us, and as usual, many people are exchanging gifts to help celebrate the season and show their appreciation for others. This, of course, brings up the issue of providing gifts to Iowa State student-athletes. Here is some helpful information regarding the provision of extra benefits to student-athletes.

    According to NCAA legislation, buying a holiday gift for a student-athlete is impermissible and is considered an extra benefit. If you feel the need to give, there is a chance you can provide a student-athlete or student-athletes an occasional meal. Occasional meals must be approved by the Compliance Office in advance.

    A student-athlete may not receive a special discount, payment arrangement, or credit on a purchase or service from any individual associated with Iowa State University, including fans and boosters.

    Individuals associated with Iowa State may also not provide a student-athlete with a loan of money or help getting a loan through signing or co-signing, an automobile or the use of an automobile, or transportation (even if the student-athlete reimburses the individual for the appropriate amount of the gas).

    Student-athletes may not accept athletics equipment, supplies, or clothing from a manufacturer or commercial enterprise. However, such items may be provided to ISU, in accordance with NCAA legislation and accepted practices for issuance and retrieval of athletics equipment and apparel.

    As always, if you have questions about the permissibility of any potential gift, or any NCAA, Big 12, or ISU rules, please contact the Athletics Compliance Office. Remember: Got Questions, Ask Compliance!

    Happy holidays!
    Iowa State Athletics Compliance

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