Alright, sooo my cousin owns part of a company called School of the Legends. Its like a social network for nfl players and fans. It just came underway this year and has been hitting it off pretty rapidly.

They are holding a sweepstakes to win an all expenses paid trip to go to the superbowl. Now they want to get 100,000 entries in before new years which is a pretty high amount for a thing that just came out this year. Sooo would be nice to have ur help.

it just takes a minute to do, the easiest way to do it without having to sign up for the website is to go to their fb page
School of the Legends | Facebook

like it, hit sweepstakes, and fill out an entry.

takes a min to do, and u get a chance to win 2 superbowl tickets for almost no work and gives some publicity to my cousins company. So its a win win for all.