Hey Fellow Cyclone Fanatics,

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving this year. I'm thankful for this site and the opportunity to get a lot of different perspectives on all things Cyclones......along w/ a few other completely random threads of course.

I'm stuffed with a home cooked Thanksgiving meal and watching some good football which is a blessing compared to a lot of other countries & cultures around the World.

I'll end this msg. with some completely random thoughts....
-Family and friends are muy importante. Let them know your thankful for them.
-Cyrus Gray is a stud.
-Brett Favre is a paradox.
-I think some people will know who Jake Anderson is before the end of the year.....and hopefully the entire Cyclone MBB program.
-WTF happened to Texas FB?
-Bill Fennelly for Prez......I love that man and I don't even know him.
-Paul Rhoads is my Billy......Fred Hoiberg is my Idol.
-Why does my dog twitch and wimper when he dreams? Is it good to wake them up b/c they're scared or are you a jerk for waking them up b/c they're having an awesome dream?......no one may ever know.
-Thanks to the troops who stand for honor and protecting our country with integrity!

Hopefully anyone else who reads this will post what they're thankful for or anything else they want for that matter.

Hope all is well with you and yours - Every day is a good day to be a Cyclone!