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    Twister Sister Summary - Ladies pick up nice win over Virgina

    A great start to the tournament with a nice 66-48 victory. The Sisters did what I expected they would do and beat a team that was the lesser opponent in the tourney. It all came down to shutting down Virginia's big scorers and that is what the ladies did. This game was different from other games in that the ladies came out hard and fast in the first half racing to a 40-19 halftime lead.

    Coach Fennelly lived up to his presume comments in that he played his bench extensively. The guard court got a test and Loz fouled out of the game. Cole came in and provided some valuable minutes and dished out some great assists - which were few and far between in this game. Its amazing that with all these points scored ISU only had 8 assists for the game. Loz usually has close to that by herself.

    Perhaps the most disturbing stat line was the 20 turnovers. The next two teams will look at that and just drool with anticipation. I'm sure it was a point Bill mentioned after the game to the ladies…that and the 20 personal fouls. Another disturbing trend…and I'll keep calling it that until it improves - is the dismal free throw shooting. Our ladies of the high wind again had a poor game hitting only 65%. That just won't cut it and I hope we don't see it bite them in the next two games.

    Bolte continues to show her leadership and scoring skills as she hit for 15 and 4 in only 30 minutes of play time. That should say something about the bench minutes when your leading scorer gets a chance to sit for 1/4 of the game. That could pay dividends tomorrow and Saturday.

    Big C continues to impress. She is doing her scoring from the line and that means she is being very active offensively. She is being fouled and she is making her opponents pay as she hit 7 of 8 today. Pop continues to struggle from the line, but she is getting there which shows she is battling which also leads to some of her fouls on the defensive side of things. I think she will get into sync and improve to a mid-70's shooter by Big 12 season. Surprisingly, Bolte never got to the line today.

    A couple of nice things to see today. Harris hit half of her six three point shots. Nice to see her get back on track. I'd like to see her be a consistent 9 to 12 point scorer from downtown. That would be a big threat.

    The first really big test of the season is tomorrow as the ladies take on TCU. This team is big and has a hot scorer (no not her looks) in Carter. The team is averaging 89 points per game and it will be interesting to see how much the Sisters can slow them down. We need to knock 20-30 points off their average to win. Going to be fun to see!

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    Re: Twister Sister Summary - Ladies pick up nice win over Virgina

    Very nice summary, thanks for the update. Good luck to the ladies tomorrow!

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    Re: Twister Sister Summary - Ladies pick up nice win over Virgina

    Oh, Virgina. My favorite state, along with West Virgina.


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