As it has already been debated, just want to throw in a couple observations from tonight's game. I would have ressurected the past thread but its 12:30am on Thanksgiving Day. . .

I'm not sure if this was the problem with the lines at FB games, but I stood in line at Hilton tonight waiting on the cashiers to ring up credit cards! It took forever and it looked like they only had one machine for every two cashiers -- way slower than cash!!!

There was also a piece of consession equipment (roller-dog warmer and counter space) inside the area area not being used. I am not sure what extent the flooding affected the conssions, but there could be some improvements in service and the hot dogs have to go or at least get something better. Guy in front of me got popcorn with a whole bunch of burnt pieces and hulls and the lady in charge wasn't going to replace it -- the cashier said for $5.50 they should just give the guy new popcorn -- which finally they did.

The bottomless soda pops and popcorn are a heck of a deal -- at least for us we went back 4 times (shared with 3 others).

And by the way -- Happy Thanksgiving