Diante Garrett (18.5 ppg)
Melvin Ejim (15.3 ppg)
Scott Christopherson (14.8 ppg)
Jake Anderson (12.8 ppg)
Jamie Vanderbeken (12.8 ppg)

Through four games, four of these players (Garrett, Ejim, Christopherson, Vanderbeken) have all topped the 20 point mark. Anderson nearly got there yesterday with 19. All three of the returning starters from last year have netted career highs (Vanderbeken 23 vs. N. Arizona, Garrett 28 vs. Creighton, Christopherson 29 v. Drake).

Having five starters who can score the ball is making us difficult to guard. Last year if you could stop Brackins you could shut down the offense. This year is looking much different; opposing teams are having to pick their poison. I know it is early but if all five of these guys continue to put it in the hoop we will be difficult for anyone to stop.

We nee to find at least one guy off the bench who can be a threat. Thus far non one is averaging more than 3 points a game. I am hopeful Phillips can be that guy.