Hey guys,

Sorry I'm so late with this, I had a calculus, a chemistry, and a psychology exam all in the same week, so I really didn't have time to do much message board posting. I had a great time in Ames last Saturday. Your fans were polite, I had one drunk ISU student yell "Blackshirts suck!" at me and that was it. It was the best away game crowd I've ever been around.

A lot of people were saying last year the only reason you guys won was the 8 turnovers and without those we would have won by 30. Well they can say whatever they want about last year, this year you guys out yarded us, out played us, and I felt very lucky to get out of there with a win. The team that played best didn't win last Saturday, that's for sure.

I'm going to miss all the annual series that we're leaving behind, especially since most of the north schools seem to be on the rise. I think you guys made a great hire with Rhodes and I believe you'll be competitive in The Big 12 in the future. I didn't fully understand him deciding to take a knee with 40 seconds left when you still had 3 timeouts and only need to go about 40 yards to get in field goal range, but the 2-point conversion call was great, we really lucked out with that throw.

Thanks for being gracious hosts and best of luck against Colorado today and in the future.