From the efforts of our recruiting, DE must have been considered a weak spot. Our the coaches realize the area our team needed the biggest upgrades in were Offensive and Defensive Lines, we need a few stud DT's though.

The coaches must realize the easiest way to make your defense better instantly - GET PRESSURE ON THE QB. Any QB will make mistakes when they given little time to read the coverage and find the open receivers. Thats why our defense was 10th in sacks and last in interceptions and our opponents had the highest completion percentage in the big 12. Our DB's will look a lot better when the opponents QB has to make split second judgements, rather then what we indured last year as the qb's would go back to pass and you could count the time it took to get pressure on a sun dial.

Com'on Chiz and Staff get that commit from KJ Williams - you still need 2 commits to make my prediction come true 3 this week!!!!!!