I know of two families that attended Saturday's game that may have not have done so or would not have brought their children without CF's help or the $10 hillside seats from ISU.

One family brought their 2 young boys and had a blast with the free tickets from CF. The boys were not real interested in the huge personal experience, but with a relatively close game and everyone cheering like mad they were overcome with excitement and were suddenly great fans and probably always will be.

Another friend with a son and a daughter got the $10 hillsides ticks and it was their first game at ISU and will definitely not be their last. They ran around on the hillsides but still witnessed the big plays and captured the essence of the game. Both kids wanted their Dad to bring them to "every game from now on".

These type of promotions bring results. It may take a couple years, but it is well worthwhile.

Thank you CF and ISU for the promotions~