Watched the game again tonight. I always take so much more away from a game re-watched on dvr when I'm not dealing with the roller coaster of anxiety and excitement and things like that in a live setting.

Man, o man...the execution from start to finish was GREAT! Especially on defense. Originally I felt Texas was kind of off and they brought the C game. Upon further review, ISU played possibly the best defense Ive ever seen them play. ISU missed hardly any tackles. Maybe 2 or 3 at most. They played text book defense and made Texas work VERY hard for every yard. Gilbert started 10-14 for something like 40 yards. Texas only pulled in a couple long pass plays. Gilbert missed on a couple shots, but really they had the receivers blanketed nicely.

This was easily Rhoads and ISU's finest hour. Now that we've gotten a taste, it'll be hard to sit through some unspectacular performances down the road, but we've seen what they are capable of.

Much like nebraska last year, the bounces all went our way. But not in a fluke manner. ISU got and more importantly made timely brakes for themselves. I will say I thought Texas had a pretty vanilla gameplan for ISU. Same with what Tech tried to do on offense in the 1st half vs the Clones. Real head scratcher.

I have a lot of confidence they can get both KU and CU, and see where the chips may fall elsewhere.

I'm really stoked to see this defense next year. Especially if the D-line can improve.