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    Next year's schedule looks

    suddenly easier to me for some reason. I love no Utah, obviously right now which is impacting that some. After today's games, I think ISU will have a better chance of getting bowl eligible next year than this year.

    UNI...will be ok, but we should be UNI everytime we play them. We haven't gotten to the Iowa position of thinking we just show up and beat teams which Iowa did last year against UNI. We'll play hard and beat UNI. 1-0

    Iowa...Iowa will be down next year. You don't lose that much talent in the front seven and compete defensively. Offensively they might be pretty good because i think Vandenberg is actually a better thrower than Stanzi, but they still don't have a RB. It will be much closer next year with a chance at an upset. 1-1

    UCONN...I don't like traveling to an uppler middle-tier team this early in the season. However, the UCONN shine isn't what it used to be. They aren't good this year, and I can't imagine them making great strides heading into next year. No Donald Brown on this team means no win for UCONN. 2-1

    Texas...will be better next year. 2-2

    Baylor...While I think Baylor is improving, they still loss to Tech today and neither team plays a lick of defense. On the road scares me, especially in the heat, but ISU will beat Baylor. 3-2

    Missouri...Another year for Gabbert means another loss at MU next year, especially if they're looking for revenge for this year. 3-3

    aTm...I don't know here. They played Arkansas tough, but they haven't looked like world beaters to me. Is Johnson a senior? Their defense isn't that great, and I think Arkansas had a hangover this week. aTm's recruiting is picking up which isn't good if they eventually get a coach down there. 4-3

    Tech...It will be a shootout. Unfortunately, TT doesn't lose many shootouts in Lubbock. 4-4

    Kansas...Did KU make a worse coaching hire than we did with Chizik? I knew KU would be bad this year, but they are TERRIBLE. Gill may make KU a winner again but not in year two. 5-4

    OU...@Oklahoma. ISU in a blowout. They never saw us coming. 6-4

    OSU...They have alot of athletes, but they don't have a good coach. They won't like the weather this time of year, and ISU will be playing for bowl life. 7-4

    KSU...Huge game for the clones. I don't like Bill Snyder, but he can coach. However, KSU needs a qb more than any team in the league. ISU will win in Manhatten. 8-4

    Ok, obviously I was kidding about OU. However, 7-5 seems way more possible right now to me than at any point in the last couple of years when thinking about the 2011 schedule. I'm so glad that Utah ditched us because 6-6 would have probably been the choice had they still been on it.

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    Re: Next year's schedule looks

    ******** to do this at this point. Asinine.

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