I don't know if this has been posted, if so I apologize, but it seemed to be a pretty honest look at the game. It is from a Utah site, however...

A lot of positive stuff about ISU in it:

"They're a legitimate 6 or 7 win team and that's about it. Which means they're fully capable of pulling off an upset and sending Utah back to Salt Lake City with a pretty inexcusable loss if they happen to overlook the Cyclones."

"That, in my opinion, is the scariest thing about this game. Iowa State isn't a named BCS program. They're not Notre Dame, so this isn't a game the Utes have had circled since the season began. With that said, they're also not bad and that means Utah can't take them lightly. They're not the Lobos and you can't expect them to just roll over and die after a few plays. This is a team that will battle the Utes every step of the way and if Utah does not take them or this game seriously, you have the ingredients for an upset."

Here is the LINK.