-beating Nebraska was great, especially at their place. Can't take anything away from that win - but last nights game was tons better imo in how we won.
-winning a bowl game with a team that won two games previously - great accomplishment - but not exactly in the top 5 wins of Cyclone football.
-last nights game was the best so far in what appears could be a very exciting era for Cyclone football. Tech may not be all that great, but there are three things that happened (or didn't happen). 1) Cyclones played a complete game, after leading 24-0, lost momentum but gained it back (KState 1998 anyone?), 3) Offense AND Defense made all kinds of plays. For these reasons this is the best win yet IMO in several years. This win was better than 2002 Tech, the Run was exciting - but we realized after that game we weren't really for real - I think this game will be the one we all look back on and point to this win as the turning point for much greater success.

Also - in another thread a classy Tech fan coming over to give some props had to resort to arguing Academic status - love that! You know we have arrived when other teams have to resort to arguing Academics!

CPR has proven he will get more out of his players and they will rise up and get one, I believe this will become norm rather than exception in the future as he gets better players and that is going to incredibly exciting.