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    Tiem for some Cross-training-Bring in Kevin Jackson

    Alright, we have seen very little immprovement out of our defense this year over the course of the 3 games I have watched. Our line is getting manhandled, and no one can beat a block. So here is what I propose. Bring in Kevin Jackson. Here is why.

    1)Our guys can't beat a block. We let the offense get into the jerseys of our smallish ends and tackles, and we are beat. Wrestling teaches one thing very well. Hand and wrist control. Control the hands of these bigger lineman, and we could get around them and cause some disruption. This is more important for our DEs and CBs, who are getting blocked for 5-10 seconds every play, and loose containment every time. Lattimer and LJ had big trouble all Sat getting off blocks.
    2) Wrestling teaches staying low and exploding through the legs of your opponent. The staying low portion would be perfect for our DTs. Create piles. Wrapping the legs and finishing a takedown applies directly to tackling the ball carrier. Our LBs could use this.

    Our staff needs to get outside the box. When I was in HS my toughest blocking assignments were against wrestlers who were playing LB, and it was because they were so good at keeping you away from their bodies. Remember the dominant Emmetsburg teams. I don't think it is a coincidence that they were winning state titles in Football at the same time they were winning team championships in wrestling.

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