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    WBB Summer League 6/24

    Game 2 Lynx v. Liberty. For the Lynx. Wieben looked real good. She brought the ball up the floor a few times and she actually looked like a guard. Lightbourne was active and getting lots of rebounds, but had trouble finishing.

    For the Liberty, Nisleit was Nisleit (steady not flashy) and Bolte made several threes. Bolte doesn't look real impressive out there. But I think that's because no offense is getting run. I'm pretty confident once she gets in a set offense, she'll look like all her hype.

    Game 3 Comets v. Fever. For the Fever, Ross was a no show and Florzak was playing the point. The Comets had Anderson and Stuckey. Anderson I can't get a read on. She rebounded and finished very well, but is pencil thin. I can't figure out how she doesn't end up broken in two. Stuckey is going to get playing time this year if for no other reason than she's got a great handle and is quick. The only knock I could see was a bit of an unconvential shot (who cares, we have enough shooters). Finally, I think we'll have a guard that is quick enough to force turnovers through individual defense.

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    Re: WBB Summer League 6/24

    Thanks for the recap!

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