Now that we have all had a chance to put this horrible loss behind us, what shall we expect from the remainder of the season?

Our offensive line is the key to our offense. They need to open more holes for the running game. I like to think we are a running team, but I believe we had way more passes than runs today. If we get our running game going, then maybe Arnaud can show us that he really can do something through the air. I like that Shontrelle got a couple carries today! I want to see what he can do against a team who doesn't have a monster defense.

WRs/TEs are looking better this year, and we are spreading it around more. Arnaud had a horrible game, but was at least attempting to get it to different guys. Darks is looking good so far, and I would like to see him as our "go to guy." When healthy, he has been the most reliable of the bunch. AA needs to use Franklin like he did vs NIU. I like seeing Hammerschmidt make a couple catches. We got a bit of depth at TE. Ricky Howard made a few nice blocks vs NIU, but didnt see him in the game today.

DL was once again horrible. Jacob Lattimer suprised me. He looked like he has decent wheels for a DE. Maybe he will see more PT as the season goes on. We HAVE TO find a way to get to the QB. We don't need sacks (although it would be nice), but at least get enough pressure to create some nice plays on defense.

Our MLB breaking his leg is not good at all. Jacques Washington is way too small too play the position. I'm wondering where was Jeremiah George? Where was CJ Morgan? Heard he was just as good as George.

Special teams... return game is not concerning me one bit. LOVED seeing Shontrelle get 2 nice returns. I hope we make him our main kick returner, so that may help LJ and SIMS avoid being injured on a return. Lenz hasn't broke any big punt returns, but more importantly, he has not fumbled any. Keep him in there, because we have had problems with people fumbling in the past. Haven't seen enough of Mahoney so far, but he does need to get us some touchbacks that's for sure! Our kick and punt coverage has been pretty good in the first 2 games. Punting has been horrible. Actually, after looking at the game stats, Kirby did alot better than it seemed on TV. Still need to improve in that area.

Turnovers? Where are they? That's one thing we have been great at over the last few years, taking the ball away, especially in the redzone. Not the case this year. I hope that changes or we could be in big trouble with our inability to tackle well.

Here's how the next 2 games will go:
K-State: IF our offense plays good then we will win. We have no shot at stopping DT and the running game, and these guys are gonna put up some serious points, BUT their defense is not that great. Our running game is gonna be perfect next week, opening up our passing game. We have too many good WRs for them to match uo with so I say we finally cut-out the redzone nonsense and win a close one with a combined 65-75 points.

N. IOWA: They have a good team this year, but not good enough. We will score in the low 30s and they will be low 20s. These 2 games are perfect for this part of the schedule. After the blowout today, we know what needs to be done. CPR and crew will make sure we are ready.

OK time to pass out. Sorry for writing much, but I would love some feedback. After reading all the posts from today, I know we all want to give up, but tomorrow will be a new day and we got a long road ahead of us, but we got a great fanbase so we can still make this a great season! If anyone gets a chance to punch a Hawkeye fan this week for me, please do so!

p.s. I hope you all stayed safe with all the drinking going on tonight! BEEEEERRR!!!