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  1. Re: Travis Hines: A look into the ISU BBall program and the Athletic Dept

    Wow, this is terrible for Iowa State
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    Re: Star of the game against KU this weekend?

    How about Bo Williams or Steele Jantz then?
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    Star of the game against KU this weekend?

    Who will be the "Star of the Game" for Iowa State against KU. I'm going with Levi Peters!
  4. Re: Its a shame, this team is 1 FG away from a positive outlook on the season to date

    We are one and two with the tough part of our schedule yet to come. If we don't win six games, it's time for a change. We might be lucky to win two games. KU killed us last year.
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  6. Re: Monte Morris to play for team USA this summer?

    He will be a permanent fixture there. Bubu will never go away.
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    Re: Herman Gone? Some possible replacements

    Totally are 100% right on all points!!
  8. Is there such a thing as an intelligent conversation with a Hawk fan?

    I have never had one. If you have, please let me know. This is a journalism project I am working on.
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    I agree...there has been no mention of the possible Big East interest, no mention of a restructured Big 12, no mention of a meld of the MWC and Big 12 and no mention of what Iowa State brings to the...
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    Maybe we should hire Lickliter...

    Based on how a coach does once they leave the Hawks, Lickliter might be a pretty good bet for Iowa State. Just look at Alford, Davis, Olson etc.
  11. Re: "Cyclone Special" hotel rooms in Kansas City..

    I made a reservation for the hotel, sounds like the hotel is almost sold out with Cyclones. If you want in, might want to call this week. Just sayin.
  12. Re: "Cyclone Special" hotel rooms in Kansas City..

    The Plaza is by far the best area in KC for entertainment imo. This is a great deal. I've stayed at the Westin before, the booze is sky high, and downtown is OK, but this area has it all. Sports...
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    Re: Westin Crown Center in KC

    I've stayed at the Westin several times,its nice, but no activity, and the booze is REALLY expensive. No place to go to drink. I prefer the Plaza area. Lots of sports bars, eateries and activity. ...
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    Re: arnaud in 2010

    Let's face it, AA is a streak passer, and has not been good much of this season. There is a lot of excuse making for him.
    -blame the OL
    -blame the receivers,
    -blame the injury etc.
    He simply...
  15. Better have a small buttox if going to Neb.

    The bleacher seats have numbers painted almost on top of each other. We'll be there, but if you go, I hope you like the fans on either side of you. Has to be the worst stadium for seating.
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    We are two plays from 5-1...

    Hard to imagine, but it's a fact. Two plays from possible ranking and 5-1. Oh so close.
  17. Re: QUIT pounding on AA, he WILL be THE difference-maker!

    Here's some interesting stats:

    2008: Austen Arnaud started for Iowa State the entire season. He passed for 2,792 yards, had 15 TDs and 10 interceptions. His Junior season is his fourth year in...
  18. Re: QUIT pounding on AA, he WILL be THE difference-maker!

    We are one game from the halfway point in the season. It will be very difficult to watch the kind of quarterback we've seen the rest of this season, let alone into next year. In sports, if a player...
  19. Allen Bell is my favorite player..and singer!

    My favorite play for the Cyclones the past few years is the Bell interception that was like the everready rabbit. He just kept going and going. The guy does have talent both on and off the field. ...
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    Is it time for yellow helmets?

    We have not lost wearing yellow helmets over the past three seasons. Maybe it's time to bring them out for the Army game. Would certainly light up the stadium. They could be auctioned off, or worn...
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