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  1. Re: ***Official St Louis Cardinals vs Chicago Cubs 2015 NLDS thread***

    Exactly how I felt. Glad he proved us wrong.
  2. Re: ***Official St Louis Cardinals vs Chicago Cubs 2015 NLDS thread***

    Yikes, runner getting hit seems so us.:sad:
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    Re: Walking Dead

    Yep, we lived in Arlington for a while which is also very close in. I think Mount Vernon is in Alexandria, and of course, Old Town.
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    Re: The Martian

    Biggest laugh in the theater we were at was the Council of Elrond reference. Great casting.
  5. Poll: Re: Observations from yesterday's loss to Texas Tech

    Are we putting in Tiller yet?
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    Re: The guy might be mentally unstable.

    He was an obnoxious doosher player for the Hawks at the time.
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    Re: The guy might be mentally unstable.

    Typical Hawkeye crap. We have known he was nuts since he assaulted Walden. He also closely resembles Fred Flintstone and hence, the tigerhawk.
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    Re: Hilton Madness

    On the autograph issue, on the article on, there is a comment from October 8 asking about autographs that still has not been answered. I guess the AD's office too busy to bother...
  9. Re: MONDAY MUSINGS: It's hard to be optimistic anymore

    I'm hoping Hilton Madness will give me an optimistic boost.
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    Re: I agree with monte

    Went to Notre Dame game this weekend, and they have an open practice in the morning before the football game. Considering how good their basketball team was last year, the turnout seemed quite low. ...
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    Re: Hilton Madness

    Husband is working late every night this week so we can go. Given how hard it is to get tickets, at least gives us a chance to see the team.
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    Re: ISU - Where Genuis Dies

    Somehow with ISU genius I was thinking along the lines of John Vincent Atanasoff, George Washington Carver, and Dan Shechtman. Should have known it was more football meltdown.
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    Re: If you have kids?

    I don't raise bandwagon kids or tavern hawks. Life isn't easy. Loyalty is important. Might as well teach them that. And basketball season is just around the corner. And Mike Warren deserves some...
  14. Re: PODCAST: Steve Prohm's media day press conference

    Back to Prohm, C Willy has a write-up on front page about how impressive he was on media day. I enjoyed the lack of ego that comes across, such as switching his terminology about plays to...
  15. Re: Daniel Edozie is writing an auto-biography

    He should put Whar Edozie? in his book.:smile:

    The highlights of the Iowa game are in the Iowa basketball recruiting cluster-eff thread. Daniel had some pretty good moves on that competition.
  16. Re: PODCAST: Steve Prohm's media day press conference

    Or go relive your BDJ memories in a thread about Nader.
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    Re: Two Game Mini Packs

    I think a high percentage of the season tickets are donor seats. We have considered the GP season tickets for $175 but I think they get offered to the same people who already have them first and it...
  18. Re: Vaughn and McBuckets tearing it up tonight

    Quit insulting Yannick, he may have a better shot.:smile:

    Every time I think McBuckets, I think about Baylor shutting him down basically until garbage time. I suppose it is different on an NBA...
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    MLB: Re: ***Chicago Cubs 2015 Season***

    It's not so much the bias, it's that he is an awful announcer. Doesn't shut the heck up ever.
  20. Re: COLUMN: Abdel Nader, the forgotten senior

    So if CF continues to bag on BDJ months after he's gone, will Matt Thomas be vitriol free?
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