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    Re: OT - Ghost Town

    3True you get a COD 4 like for that one.
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    Re: OT - Ghost Town
  3. Re: What is Randy talking about in the 1st paragraph?

    Probably just exactly what he implies. There were other circumstances behind Nick's departure that aren't, and don't necessarily need to be, public.
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    Re: FOOTBALL: Jhaustin Thomas info

    It's mostly been name calling and complaining because it's the offseason and we don't really have anything to complain about.

    I hope that this kid can qualify and play, that would be great. It's...
  5. Re: Friday OT #1 - Secret (Or Not-So-Secret) Interests

    I played piano from about age 8 through my freshman year of high school. Haven't touched it since, except to plunk out a few singing parts I had for my church choir. I would really like to learn how...
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    Golfing in Central City

    This coming weekend I am playing in a memorial tournament in honor of a friend who passed away last year. We are playing in Central City, where I've never played. Anyone here have any kind of info...
  7. Re: Friday Way Off Topic - Favorite Iowa Foods

    If your answer is anything besides breaded pork tenderloins bigger than your plate...
  8. Re: List of potential replacements should Fred Hoiberg leave

    You could (and should) cross legitimately EVERY SINGLE NAME off of this list. I understand this is done in jest, but there will be some here who take this as serious.
  9. Re: List of potential replacements should Fred Hoiberg leave

    Then you don't know who Brad Underwood is... He would be great, if/when the time comes.
  10. Re: Weirdest places you have sneaked in Beer?

    Done several movie theatres. Cargo shorts are the bomb.... My favorite is a 20oz Coke in each side pocket pre-filled and mixed with some Jack. Makes kids movies WAY better.
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    Re: Woman gets tasered by border patrol

    Both sides could have handled this entire situation better. There is a fine line between exercising your rights and being an ***. This woman, at least in my opinion, crossed that line. The BPAs, both...
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    Re: Next Diallo or Rashad Vaughn?

    This is, most likely at least, going to be the biggest difference between Matt A and TJ leading the recruiting. I don't think you'll see ISU go after the blue chip guys (Diallo) with as much gusto,...
  13. Re: Washington's Lorenzo Romar on TJ Otzelberger's Departure

    Ahhh, now I see...
  14. Re: Washington's Lorenzo Romar on TJ Otzelberger's Departure

    It sure was an indicator, but not of anything relevant to this thread. It showed us that Williams didn't want to play at ISU, he wanted to play with Matt. It showed us that the kid didn't want to...
  15. Re: Win $100 on The Masters from

    Stenson -12

    To those picking Tiger, while it would be awesome to see, it is NOT happening. No way is the guy even close to ready for this event.
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    Re: Fizer wants the Gig

    * Puts on old man hat * - Kids these days have NO IDEA who Marcus Fizer is. * Takes off old man hat *Name recognition isn't something we can count on outside of the 515 area code. Even that might be...
  17. Re: Who else would LOVE to play Iowa in Sweet 16?

    Nope, not me. Purdue can actually defend really, really well and are incredibly physical. They just can't score to save their life.

    You remember Maryland, right, and how did that physicality go...
  18. Re: Who else would LOVE to play Iowa in Sweet 16?

    Would be the WORST possible outcome. Brings nothing to the table at all, either locally or nationally. Sure, it would be an easy game (and I recognize the irony in this statement) but it's an...
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    Poll: Re: Does Hilton need a "DJ Mel"?

    No, even all CAPS, isn't strong enough.

    Hell ******* no, we do not need a DJ Mel.
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    Re: Feb. 10, 2014

    Last years team also lost to KU at home. They also lost @WVU. ISU is fine, they are absolutely going to make the Big Dance, and will most likely be a top 15 team when they do it. No one is gong to...
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