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  1. Re: CCL: Niang's eye bloodied at Nike Basketball Academy

    Wow that reverse dunk by Burton was sick. I can't wait to watch him throw down a few big dunks in Hilton!
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    Re: Which do you think will happen first?

    Stop worrying about Prohm being too successful. There is no such thing as too successful. It's like being too happy, having too much fun, or having too much money.

    Honestly, if he takes us to...
  3. Re: Top 10 Dunks of the 2014-15 Iowa State Season

    My bad. I totally forgot about that one. Good dunk, and it came at a key moment in the game.
  4. Re: Top 10 Dunks of the 2014-15 Iowa State Season

    I really love that #5 "dunk" especially since McKay didn't even touch the rim. It was like something you see Blake Griffin do. I agree that Monte is amazing. He plays a key role in most of the...
  5. Top 10 Dunks of the 2014-15 Iowa State Season

    This is the first time I've put together a video like this. Hope that you enjoy it! Can you think of any dunks this year that I snubbed?
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    Re: Why not Becky Hammon?
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    Re: RECRUITING: Noskowiak to visit April 25-27

    Maybe too soon, but... welcome to Cyclone Nation!!
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    Re: Win $100 TONIGHT from

    Duke wins 89-84 in OT.
  9. Re: Naz Long on hip surgery: "Just going to take it head on"

    Long also said the surgery would include some reshaping of his hip bone.
    “Basically, the bone that goes into the socket is irregular,” he said. “It happened over time and, yeah, they’ve got to do...
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    Re: 2015-16 Season: Big 12 Teams Personnel

    Wow, Foster leaving K-State is a huge blow for them... I almost feel bad for the purple kitties.
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    Re: Hoiball Tournament

    I'll admit that it's hard to pick between the two years. ISU went 23-11 in 2011-12 and 23-12* in 2012-13. I understand they were an 8 seed in the 2012 tournament and a 10 seed in 2013, but how much...
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    Re: Hoiball Tournament

    I would seed the 2012-13 team ahead of the 2011-12 team. Royce's year was awesome, but I thought Niang's freshman year along with Clyburn, Lucious, and Ejim's as a junior was better.
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    Re: Confusion on game day

    I'm pretty sure that it's Thursday that ISU plays. If you go to the KFC Yum! center's website (what a stupid name by the way) they are selling tickets for Thursday the 19th.
  14. Thread: Tickets?

    by bsaltyman

    Re: Tickets?

    So the South region has games in Louisville (Iowa State's game, SMU's, etc), and then the Midwest region also has games in Louisville (some team called Kentucky is playing). Does anyone know what...
  15. Re: Big 8/12 Conference Title Games in ISU history

    They won 4 games.

    His Freshman year (91-92) they beat Missouri before losing to OSU.
    In 92-93 the Clones beat Oklahoma before losing to Missouri.
    In 93-94 they lost to Oklahoma State in the...
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    Re: RPI comparison

    If the two teams were to play each other, I have no idea who would win... but I would love to watch those match-ups. Would Fizer guard Niang out to the three point line? Morris vs Tinsley at PG...
  17. Re: What's the earliest point you thought ISU had a legit chance to win?

    Yeah, I would say when Morris hit the three to make it a 12 point game. I just thought that if the crowd could stay this loud the rest of the way there is no chance for OU to hear themselves think...
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    Re: BDJ's best game as a Cyclone

    I'll just agree with everyone else besides the OP and comment again that the Arkansas game was by far his best game. I don't care what kind of mental gymnastics you do, his 27 points on 8-8 from the...
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    Re: Official: TT @ Iowa State Prediction thread

    Tech had a big let-down coming off of their victory against Iowa State, losing 81-36 @ Oklahoma. I'm guessing that Saturday's game won't be close for the same reason. Tech has a let-down after...
  20. Re: Interest in a 2nd half of the season Survivor game?

    I'm in.
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  • TV: ESPN2
  • FOOTBALL: Iowa State vs. TCU
  • October 17, 2015
  • 06:00 PM