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  1. Re: *** Week 5 Pick'em *** Win Tailgate Package!

    Alabama @ Georgia (-2.5)
    Notre Dame @ Clemson (PK)
    Iowa @ Wisconsin (-7)
    Texas Tech vs. Baylor (-17)
    Kansas State @ Oklahoma State (-8)
    Texas @ TCU (-15)
    West Virginia @ Oklahoma (-7)
    Kansas @...
  2. Re: Week 2 College Football Pick'em - Tailgating Prize!

    LSU (-3.5) @ Mississippi State
    Boise State (-2.5) @ BYU
    Houston @ Louisville (-11)
    Oklahoma @ Tennessee (PICK)
    Oregon @ Michigan State (-3.5)
    Iowa (-4.5) @ Iowa State
    Tiebreaker (total points...
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    Re: Win $1,000 on the game this week!

    ISU 37
    UI 14
  4. Re: College Football Pick'ems - FANTASTIC GRAND PRIZE!

    Michigan @ Utah (-5.5)
    TCU (-14.5) @ Minnesota
    BYU @ Nebraska (-7)
    Texas @ Notre Dame (-9.5)
    Ohio State (-12) @ Virginia Tech
    Iowa State (-8) vs. UNI
    Tiebreaker (total points scored in UNI @...
  5. Re: Prohm: Noskowiak remains suspended indefinitely

    Suspending him for the entire year would only give a guy that has too much time on his Hands more time. He will and should be suspended, but from what I hear, he is a fragile kid going through a...
  6. Re: MONDAY MUSINGS: #HoibergWatch is officially over

    Who breaks the news first? Does JP do a press conference and say that a coaching search in on the way or does Hoiberg say first that he is the new coach of the Bulls and the coaching search just...
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    How does Kentucky Meet Grad. Requirements?

    Are there any grad requirements for Men's Basketball? If so, how does Kentucky constantly turn-over so many players without facing any sanctions or penalties?

    My bad if this has already been...
  8. Re: PODCAST: An hour of ISU wrestling talk on KXnO

    Yeah, I agree. We should fire that guy Fred for having a bad NCAA tournament and leaving us with possibly the 64th best team in the country. At least Kevin gave us a top 15 team.
  9. Re: PODCAST: An hour of ISU wrestling talk on KXnO

    Those schools have had continuity in their programs. KJ literally had to rebuild the program after his 1st year. The base is rebuilt, now we just need the continuity to get us back to national...
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    Re: Basic math employment test question

    These seem to be ratios then.

    The solution should be 5
  11. Re: PODCAST: An hour of ISU wrestling talk on KXnO

    Love more coverage. Thanks for looking out for the sport Chris.
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    Re: Another new committ

    Hey Buf,

    How does he compare on the national level?

    A Ballard kid is a good get and I'm happy to have every contributing body in the room we can.
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    Re: Jackson Extended through 2018

    I was hoping he would get extended. Congratulations coach.
  14. Thread: Damion Lee

    by lionnusmb

    Re: Damion Lee

    They do exist!!!
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    Re: No Varsity Letter for Special Needs Student
    What wrong with this?
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    Re: Decision Time on Jackson

    Thank you for going out on a limb and posting this information. Hopefully it will cease the trolling, however, I doubt it. I support our staff and see the trends moving in a positive direction. It...
  17. Re: ***2015 NCAA Wrestling Championships Gameday(s) Thread***

    How much clapping and pushing off was evans doing to get more action going? I say his lack of offense was the fault of his opponents. How dare they be so evenly matched with the might of his mustache.
  18. Re: USA Today All America team - only one Big 12 player

    My Deal with the All-America Team is that it consists of 3 Centers and 2 guards. Granted, those centers are really talented but for a team you need at least one swing player. They just chose the best...
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    Re: JP suffers Heart Attack

    Best wishes JP on a speedy recovery. My best hopes for you and your family.
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    Re: Season ticket renewal numbers

    This year there is really no incentive to renew early. In past years they discounted the service fee if you renewed early. No need for me to be in a hurry IF i'm not saving any money.

    Either way,...
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