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    MLB: Re: MLB Playoffs

    Yeah, I don't have a lot of confidence in the Cards right now. Getting swept by the Braves - the Braves! - without even scoring a run in three games? I know they didn't have anything left to play...
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    Re: AP Poll (Oct. 4)

    You forgot to mention Liberty Bowl. You're slipping.
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    Re: AP Poll (Oct. 4)

    And this is the problem with these oversized conferences. Everybody who talks about "superconferences" and having 14 or 16 or whatever big number of teams in your conference ... it's not a...
  4. Re: LOLOL! Longhorns Whining About Corrupt BXII Officiating! The Worm has Turned!

    The Big 12 replay officials, specifically, are just terrible at their job. Replay is designed to fix obvious missed calls or correct something the field officials didn't see. That's why "indisputable...
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    Re: Most "Iowa State" Moment Last Night?

    This is a good one, too. That second one, though - one of the officials came racing in to stop Lalk from snapping the ball because Toledo was confused (I know you have to let the defense substitute...
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    Re: Most "Iowa State" Moment Last Night?

    So, so, so many.

    - Fumbling to end what looked to be a nice scoring drive. That's why we can't have nice things.
    - Not jumping offsides, but actually lining up in the neutral zone on a punt....
  7. Thread: 2-10?

    by KidSilverhair

    Re: 2-10?

    That's way too limited. Plenty of programs that didn't sniff the AP Top 10 in 1965-67 are big-time now. Oregon, Stanford, Clemson, Mississippi State (I know, SEC, but Kentucky was a much better...
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    Re: 0-1 versus the Pylon

    Pylon inbounds, pylon out of bounds ... here's why a ball touching the pylon (in possession of a player, mind you) is a touchdown.

    Any part of the ball breaking the plane of the goal line is all...
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    Re: In Game music was AWESOME.

    Really? I was in the SW upper corner, and while I agree with the PA/ref being kind of quiet, the music was plenty loud. Ear-splitting, even.

    It does seem like all the sound should be coming from...
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    Re: How to listen to the game out of state?

    Short story long, standard radio broadcast contrasts never included online streaming, since they were written pre-Internet back when Zabels roamed the earth. When stations first started streaming...
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    Re: Expansion

    Just my opinion, but for me, it's BYU's location. I agree that I think they'd bring a good amount of TV viewers as well as a nationally competitive program. I don't think the "no Sunday games" would...
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    Re: Lazer 103.3

    Fun fact - well, fun if you're old, like me - this station was originally located in Pella, and was a typical small town easy listening/local news/high school sports station. When the owners wanted...
  13. Re: Just out today- IA HS enrollment figures

    Curses! You beat me by two minutes! And you had a more up-to-date reference, to boot! Arrgh!

    I do see they have dropped all conference references now. If your enrollment is 700 or higher, you are...
  14. Re: Just out today- IA HS enrollment figures

    The state athletic association updated its website last year, so now it's kind of tough to find older materials unless you do a little digging. However, to answer your curiosity, here is the quote...
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    Re: Indian Hills coach fired

    You really think $75K is enough for that job? You have to live in Ottumwa, you know. And you'd be coaching a lot of kids who've never been out of a large city, and trying to keep them out of trouble....
  16. Re: *** Official #19 Baylor vs #12 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Baylor hit three-pointers on FIVE straight trips down the floor, that's what happened. Admittedly, most of them wide-open, but it's yet another example of an Iowa State opponent having a season-high...
  17. Re: The Biggest Knee to the Groin for Big XII and TCU to End the Season

    It would be great if they'd just replace the conference championship games with the first round of an 8-team playoff. Have the games in Indy, Atlanta, Santa Clara, and Charlotte or Houston or...
  18. Re: The Biggest Knee to the Groin for Big XII and TCU to End the Season

    I said a "requirement." I know it was a factor - but they also agreed to consider Baylor and TCU as co-champs. Not crowning one over the other had nothing to do with the screwjob.

    A thought...
  19. Re: The Biggest Knee to the Groin for Big XII and TCU to End the Season

    The committee never said ahead of time that a conference championship was a requirement for the playoff. They also told the Big XII they agreed to consider Baylor and TCU as co-champions. So this...
  20. Re: The Biggest Knee to the Groin for Big XII and TCU to End the Season

    Well, considering any potential Big XII championship game probably wouldn't have been Baylor vs TCU ... that point is sort of moot (as noted, the NCAA wouldn't allow a championship game without 12...
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