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    Re: Friday OT #2 - Genres

    I don't think I could list 5 in any particular order. I love some songs from just about every genre and hate others. One group I would probably pick as my favorite would be classic rock from the 70s....
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    Re: OT - Big Meteor headed our way

    Don't you mean the past 5000 years?
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    Re: Blum: Keeping up with the Big 12 Weirdos

    This is the big problem with "Ball control" as a lot of people on here are describing it. If we are only getting 3 and outs, does it really matter if that series took us 1:00 to punt or 1:30?
  4. MLB: Re: Cubs (97-65) at Pirates (98-64) NL Wild Card

    Yup, reminds me a lot of the afternoon before the 2002 OU game for ISU fans.
  5. Re: PODCAST: Picking the Cyclones to beat Texas Tech

    HAHA, when I read "trap game" I figured they were saying we were the trap for TTech and that's why we had a chance.
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    Re: Is Texas starting to implode?

    I really wonder if Texas' big problem is that they have the pick of the litter for most of their recruits. I was a very good High School football player. I had all the tools. I was bigger than most...
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    Re: Alex Smith=Sam Richardson?

    There is always that "Gamer" factor that does come into play sometimes. As coaches, in practice you see a guy make all the right reads compared maybe to another guy who doesn't seem to have it all...
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    Re: Rick & Morty

    Oh certainly Super Jail has it's place, I didn't mean to make it sound like the show wasn't decent. It's just that the way they previewed Rick & Morty before the first season made it look a lot more...
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    Re: Rick & Morty

    Yeah, by far one of the best shows they've put out in quite a while. I've seen it from the beginning and was pretty ticked that season 2 is already in the books. I was a little worried about it when...
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    Re: Wasting FB Tickets

    Been doing mini-packs for quite a while, so I don't really know why that is relevant. Private donations paid for most of the renovations. And I find it a breath of fresh air that when the attendance...
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    Re: Wasting FB Tickets

    I commented to both my wife and my brother about the South End Zone. I think there were a lot more people there than it really looked like. I could see a bunch of people up inside the lounge area. I...
  12. Poll: Re: Travis Hines Hoiberg/Pollard Article Poll...

    Read my post again, I didn't say it was a lie, I said it was as bad as a lie. They are trying to paint that as a cheap *** move. Who do you know that would pay for an extra nights stay in a hotel...
  13. Poll: Re: Travis Hines Hoiberg/Pollard Article Poll...

    Just stop, The Ballroom thing was as bad as a bold face lie because he didn't tell the whole truth. It's like Sam Mack's parents asking why he was in so much trouble and him saying, "I don't know, I...
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    Re: Kevin Hart at Hilton tonight

    Hard to compare comedy to music acts. REally the only thing similar as that they are on stage performing for an audience. People love to hear bands play their hits over and over again, the only...
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    Re: Biggest take away from today's game

    My big takeaway was how embarrassed I am that I defended Sam Richardson as long as I did. With the lead we had there is no reason a senior should have thrown those two pics. I hope whomever we have...
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    Re: What does the basketball program need

    Are you talking just for coaches to recruit or an actual Private jet for the team to use for away games?

    I've never done much research into it, but for something small, I'd imagine your looking at...
  17. Thread: Pseudo Sue

    by Clonefan94

    Re: Pseudo Sue

    It's beer?

    Citra hops aren't for everyone, but honestly, that's what's showcased in the beer. A lot of people describe them as having a cat **** flavor.

    IF you are at the game tomorrow, and...
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    Re: Okie complaing again...

    I'm with you on this. Yeah, it does rush the early morning a bit, but it really sets up for a nice day where you can still enjoy other stuff that evening.

    I'll admit i wasn't a fan of tomorrow's...
  19. Re: REFUTED: Travis Hines: A look into the ISU BBall program and the Athletic Dept

    Has he been fired yet?

    I still don't think he will be fired because he'll stick to his sources and stand by his article.

    It hasn't been proven False, it's been proven to be poorly written and...
  20. Re: Shotgun Formation Is Far From Lethal - WSJ

    Interesting, but isn't this kind of like saying that most shark attacks happen within 200 yards of shore? I mean yeah, that's where people are, kind of tough to be attacked by a shark in the middle...
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