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    Re: Most Underrated Movie


    IMDb: Neverwas (2005)
    A well-educated psychiatrist leaves an academic career to work at an institution where his father, a novelist, lived before writing a renowned children's book....
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    Re: "America Needs Another Lawyer"

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    Re: Colbert Late Night show debut tonight

    Fallon is an extremely talented and very funny guy, but I can't watch him interview his guests. Between him talking over the top of their answers and his over-laughing... it drives me crazy.

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    Re: Water heater advice

    In my opinion, almost all contractor grade and professional grade water heaters are junk. If they have a 6 year warranty on them most of them seem to fail between 7-10 years. I don't know if any of...
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    Re: Daniel Edozie Needs Our Help

    Donated. Good luck Daniel!
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    Re: Home Insurance Claims Questions

    I would caution you on having a claims adjuster look at things unless you are fairly sure there is damage. We used State Farm for 20+ years and they wouldn't renew us last year due to "too many...
  7. Re: Residential Structural Engineer Recommendations


    My wife and I looked at a house for sale that might have some foundation issues that I would like a structural engineer to look at. Could anyone recommend a structural engineer in the Des...
  8. Re: Gary Parrish "ISU AD Jamie Pollard is handling Bulls-Hoiberg situation perfectly"

    JP has no leverage to pressure Hoiberg like you suggest.
  9. Re: Gary Parrish "ISU AD Jamie Pollard is handling Bulls-Hoiberg situation perfectly"

    What would you suggest JP do differently??
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    Re: Official 2015 Hoiberg NBA Speculation Thread

    While I somewhat agree with what you said, Fred is still the 7th ranked coach in the Big12 when it comes to compensation. While you say he is leveraging the school for 3 consecutive years for big...
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    NFL: Re: Tom Brady Suspended Four Games

    I could have been convinced to believe quite a bit of the Patriot's rebuttal, but when I read this "Deflator" nickname BS it killed their entire rebuttal for me. Anyone that would make that lame of...
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    Re: Auto Detail recommendations

    There are places you can certainly pay more and they might do a slightly better job, but I take my vehicle through a Mister Carwash location at least once a year opting for their Ultimate Interior &...
  13. Re: Brady "at least generally aware" of deflated balls

    I agree with this completely.

    Through all of this drama it hasn't ever been made clear by the NFL if the game officials have an official procedure where they actually put an air pressure gauge...
  14. Re: Moving to West Des Moines: Internet Provider Suggestions

    We had CenturyLink in WDM but would have a lot of buffering issues when streaming Netflix and Amazon movies. We were paying for 8MB DSL, but weren't getting near that in the evenings. We switched...
  15. Re: Brady "at least generally aware" of deflated balls

    I am not a Patriot defender, but it sounds to me like the NFL didn't have a good procedure in place to assure the balls were between 12.5 - 13.5 PSI.

    In the Pats employee text messages, the guys...
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    Re: Best sandwich in DSM?

    I second B & B and also rank Manhattan Deli right up there. I crave the Little Italy sandwiches from Manhattan.
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    Re: Re-watched the game....

    I felt all year that our bigs didn't put bodies on guys and block out much. If a possible rebound came in their general direction... Hogue, McKay and company would go after it aggressively... but it...
  18. Re: Recommended Handgun Retailers - Des Moines

    Did you have your own FFL, or did you work through a local dealer? I wasn't sure if most local dealers are cool with receiving a gun on behalf of a customer or if they are ****** you didn't buy it...
  19. Re: Recommended Handgun Retailers - Des Moines

    No big reason for the increase. Have shot my Dad's .357 revolver quite a bit and was just thinking something more powerful than my old 9MM.
  20. Recommended Handgun Retailers - Des Moines

    Thinking about buying a handgun and wanted to know what retailers you all can recommend in the Des Moines metro area.

    Wasn't sure if there were some good smaller gun shops around or if everyone...
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