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    Re: Fernstrom arrested for public intoxication

    This was probably scheduled on Twitter right after they had their pictures taken for the 2015-16 season. It just happened to be her on the 44 days until game day.
  2. Thread: Used iPhones

    by Three4Cy

    Re: Used iPhones

    If you are using AT&T as your service provider and adding him to your contract, you can get a pre-owned iPhone 5 free with a two year commitment.
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    Re: Jamie or Paul. Who leaves first?

    Leath is not a new president. He starts his fourth year in January, that is hardly new. In the time he's been here, we've had ONE coaching search for a major program. As the president, he had...
  4. Re: When eating clock late in the game while in FG range.......

    We should have scored a touchdown and we would have never been in that situation. But guess what, we got a false start penalty that cost us 10 seconds and 5 yards because we jacked around and didn't...
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    Re: HVAC Inspection

    Kohles & Bach

    Have never tried to sell me anything, just do what they are there to do.
  6. Re: WWB: New Profiles and who will be 2015-16 Most Dominant player

    UConn has been to 8 of 10 final fours and won it all five times, they are the best program in the country for women's basketball and it isn't even close.
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    Re: VB: Kansas 9-0

    Baylor, TCU and TTU all have gaudy records after playing inferior competition. When they've played any type of competition, they lost.
  8. Re: WWB: New Profiles and who will be 2015-16 Most Dominant player

    With Jadda and Claire getting their redshirts, you may have seen a change in recruiting for 2016.
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    Re: Council Bluffs Sports Bars?

    According to the Alumni Association - Barley's.
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    Re: Window Warranty Replacement

    $230 total, or $230 per window? If it is $230 total, then I would jump on that offer in a heartbeat because that is super cheap. I had a quote to have two new windows installed + patio door, and...
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    Re: Reporter and Cameraman Shot and Killed on Air

    Just said on CNN she was in surgery if I heard correctly.
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    Re: 2015-2016 Schedule

    Good for KSU, and why don't you look at the rest of their non-conference schedule and tell me how tough it is? It's not. The same can be said for OSU, KU, TTU, OU, WVU, and Baylor all weak...
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    Re: Used Car Value

    Find what you want and call your local banker. Ask them the value they would loan on the vehicle if you were to take out a loan on it. You may find out the seller is over-priced, or they may be...
  14. Re: Central IA Girls Little League Being Cheated in World Series

    # 1 - the coach of said team is hurting his team only. He is not hurting the other team by not wrestling because he is giving the 6 points for not wresting.

    # 2 - So what your coach used to...
  15. Re: Best mattresses for back and side sleepers

    Bought a Sleep Number in January - best ever thing I did. I control my side of the bed, and there is control for the other side. You use normal sheets, and I have a heated mattress pad that I use...
  16. Re: Central IA Girls Little League Being Cheated in World Series

    According to a girl that works in our office and played softball, there are no rules for innings played.

    Rule book for this age appears to be no inning restrictions for pitching.
  17. Re: Central IA Girls Little League Being Cheated in World Series

    Here's the difference - what you did only HURT your own team/school. Your team being DQ'd didn't hurt the other teams in the race, in fact it helped them because they moved up a spot in the...
  18. Re: Central IA Girls Little League Being Cheated in World Series

    They aren't going to disqualify the team with the second shortest driving distance to the tourney. The longer the West team stays in it, the more fans come to the game = more money.
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    Re: ***Official PGA Championship***

    Look at the last several years of the PGA Championship and you will see low scores aren't uncommon on some challenging courses.

    2014 - (-16) at Valhalla
    2013 - (-10) at Oak Hill
    2012 - (-13) at...
  20. Thread: Vasectomy

    by Three4Cy

    Re: Vasectomy

    Had this done on a Thursday, incredibly easy surgery. The pain consisted of the needle before the surgery and some initial pain that night. I didn't use the prescription at all and took two Tylenol...
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