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  1. Re: College Football Pick'ems - FANTASTIC GRAND PRIZE!

    Michigan @ Utah (-5.5)
    TCU (-14.5) @ Minnesota
    BYU @ Nebraska (-7)
    Texas @ Notre Dame (-9.5)
    Ohio State (-12) @ Virginia Tech
    Iowa State (-8) vs. UNI
    Tiebreaker (total points scored in...
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    Re: Williams and Woody. Pathetic

    I will add my name to the list of those who were shocked that the teams of the 70's were given no due. In fact, when Woody made that statement that nothing of substance occurred between the Dirty...
  3. Thread: Too Quiet ?

    by nebCLONE77

    Re: Too Quiet ?

    I am aware of Kristen Scott from MN. Who is the other 2017 recruit?
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    Re: Official Post-Game Meltdown - You Post Here

    I could see this coming from a mile away---so much favorable ISU press nationally. We were the "golden" boys with a golden coach. Also, I read way too many posts on CF about who we would play in the...
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    Re: Some Jon Rothstein tweets from ISU practice

    Someone send these comments to Diallo with the one about a Hoiberg-coached practice like a NBA training camp circled. I would do it but I am an old guy and this is beyond my skill set.
  6. Re: Friday OT - Why are you a pain to be married to/live with/date?

    You people are pathetic. I should have been a marriage counselor. I could have retired rich yrs ago!

    My counsel--Take 2 aspirin, hug, and call me in the mornin'.

    That'll be $100.
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    Re: Zebra Conspiracy

    I have been watching ISU sports for nearly 60 years. Sure I am biased, like every good fan is. But I have friends who are Missouri, Kansas, and KSU fans and they all readily admit that they know of...
  8. Re: Williams/Blum Podcast: D'Vario Montgomery, fall camp tidbits, more

    Best podcast ever! Blum's story about being traumatized by a crackhead lady from SW IA was priceless.
  9. Re: Start of the season MAILBAG: POST QUESTIONS HERE

    Which Big 12 team, other than the Cyclones of course, will have the best-looking cheerleaders this season? And don't tell me you don't check them out.
  10. Feedback: Re: Let's chat about your preferences for site content

    Like the webcasts and written content (the more in-depth articles are preferred). Also, I enjoy when you provide links to other Big 12 writers. If you were to expand, as in hiring more staff, I would...
  11. Re: If Big 12 expands to 12, who do you pick if ACC is off the table?

    Rutgers and Louisville.
    Go back to 6-team divisions (ISU, KSU, KU, RU, LV, WVU in north) and 8-team conf. schedule with play-off.
    For non-conf. schedule, continue series with IA, add a SEC...
  12. Where is our recruiting focus, geographically?

    Nice article in the Ames Trib recently about the geographic focus in Cyclones men's bb recruiting. Hoiberg has accomplished this in 3 years.

    Not sure I know the comparable focus in the women's...
  13. WTB: Re: 3 tickets as close to section O as possible

    I have 1 ticket available; section N, Row 22, Seat 30; if interested, call me at 402-328-0599.
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    Expanding back to 12 teams

    I agree with much that has already been said on this topic -- eventually the conference needs to do this and also it needs to be done with diluting TV revenue.

    What's the biggest Midwestern...
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    Re: Oklahoma Text SEC West...

    Ain't it fun guessing!

    What makes the most sense to me is OU and TAM to the SEC and Texas joins CU in the PAC 10. Then a new Big 12 Conf emerges our of the following teams:

  16. Re: Got this from the KU board and supposedly they got it from Chip

    If the Big 12 is going to survive as a conference, then with the existence of several mega-conferences I think at a minimum it will need 12 teams. Missouri will have a cardiac if they add more Texas...
  17. Selecting a coach

    If it is true that we will have a new coach by tomorrow, then this post is a waste of time, but what the heck. Also, I admit to having no experience whatsover in hiring coaches, but then I suspect...
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    Re: Good ISU Candidate List

    Hope Pollard at least gives Jeff Hornacek a call. Granted he has no direct college coaching experience, but I have a strong hunch he would be great. He has been a winner every where he has been. I...
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    Poll: Re: New head coach... who do you want??

    I also vote for Jeff Hornacek. He would be a natural. Was a coach on the floor all of his years of playing. One of the best all-time shooters and after retirement as a player has coached some of the...
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    Re: John Walters on KXNO at 5:15

    People seem down on Freddy, so maybe this idea won't be liked either. But I hope they at least consider Jeff Hornacek. Anyone who watched him play at ISU or in the pro's for that matter realize he...
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