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    Re: Cancer sucks

    Prayers for ypur grandmother. I have been in the battle for 2 and 1/2 years. Colon cancer. My advice. Strong faith, positive attitude, and as much exercise as she can do. It will make a difference. I...
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    Re: Recruit Lists v2.0

    This...100 times over. Enjoy the last year of Georges. We don't realize how great his run at ISU has been.
  3. Re: Cyclones tabbed 9th in Preseason Big 12 Media Poll

    In other news the world is round. At least KU doesn't even pretend to care about football...oh wait carry on. When is Midnight Madness again??
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    Re: Keith Murphy Interview with Steve Prohm

    Fantastic interview. I am really excited for this guy. Not just next year, but going forward. You can just sense a confidence about him. I have no proof, but I will take my chances with him as the...
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    I love this Team!!!

    I have always been impressed with the way the ISU players handle themselves on and off the court. The way that they seem to have handled this situation is just another example of class and maturity....
  6. Re: Hoiberg Watch 2015: Sunday, May 31 Open Thread

    Not defending anyone, but technically he could still retire here. Maybe as coach, maybe even as AD someday. I am not saying I expect it, but people have different dreams at different points in life....
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    Re: Hoiberg Watch 2015: Saturday, May 30 Thread

    So...when TJ has huge success, will it be because of "Fred's Players" even though he helped recruit almost all of them??
  8. Re: Legacy Defining Moment: Pollard Steps Up To The Plate

    It is laughable that people think we are anything but a basketball school. I would guess that anyone over the age of 25 would disagree vehemently. I may take it too far, but as far as I am concerned...
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    Re: Pre-Memorial Day Hoiberg NBA Update

    I think some may to revisit the definition of the word "owe". What exactly does Fred owe to us? Has he borrowed from us? Have we as fans done something for him personally? Quite the contrary IMO. I...
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    Re: Pre-Memorial Day Hoiberg NBA Update

    I hate the 1 more year thing too...until we win the National Title next year and Fred and his kids are on the ladder cutting down the nets with Georges, Monte, and the crew. Then I will cheer like a...
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    Re: Niang commits to ISU!

    Love this old thread. I will say without hesitation that I would not take a single other recruit over the past 4 years ahead of Georges. He is a grest 4 year player. But more than that, he is a...
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    Re: Fred's next move?

    Thanks, I had missed that.
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    Re: Fred's next move?

    Why not Yakwe in 2015? I understood before because we didn't have a scholly, but now we would be able to take him. Unless I have missed something??
  14. Re: Fred being offered by the Bulls rumor gaining a little momentum..

    Seriously? 10 pages? Offered maybe. Interested? No. Does everyone on here not listen to Fred or LOOK at his family? He is not leaving Ames anytime soon. I expect this junk from national people who...
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    Re: Ali Farokhmanesh trolls KU fans in Omaha

    That is classic! Thanks for posting. As a Panther grad and lifelong Clone fan, that is the best non-Cyclone basketball play ever! I know that we flamed out early this year, but think back to those...
  16. Re: Official Post-Season Words of Encouragement/Thank You Thread

    Thank you Rulzzzz! Now get some sleep...
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    Re: Big 12s Roll Call

    2 of us headed down Thursday morning. Lifelong, "I should go to the B8/B12 Tourney guy." First time this year. Looking forward to great Basketball. Planning on attending all games, but interested in...
  18. Re: RECRUITING: 6 JUCO defensive players visiting

    You know how I know it is not as bad as the 80's? I still care. It hurts and it sucks but I care.
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    Re: Big Weekend for Recruiting

    I am not a worried about this as some. I think the saying goes, it is not the recruits that you don't get it is the ones you do that don't pan out. IMO that has been more of our problem lately. This...
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    Re: The blood is in the water

    Thanks for helping me see the light on my defeatest attitude. Which it is not by the way! I am saying what is the plan. I am sure experienced high level coaches have lined up in the past to come here...
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  • October 10, 2015
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