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  1. Re: When was the last time were were ranked?


    2000 Insight Bowl win
    2002 First Half of Season
    2011 Oklahoma State
    2005 Texas A&M
    2005 Colorado
    2007 Iowa
    2002 Top 10 Ranking
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    Re: Jack Trice throwback uniforms again?

    I didn't mind the ketchup and mustard jerseys that Sage and Seneca wore. Now the Chiefs uniforms we wore that one year in 2003 were pretty bad. Luckily we made the pants red the next year and it...
  3. Re: So, uhh, here's the new 2015 ISU "Football" Commercial

    Wow... That was.... Brutal.... And I thought the 2012 one coming off the OKState win was bad and uninspiring.
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    Re: RIP Jackson Vroman

    Damn.... One of my favorites as well. That was back when real life hadn't caught up with me yet (was still in High School) and my entire life was completely devoted to Iowa State. Hence why those...
  5. Re: Ejim, Kane score summer league opportunities

    As a Magic fan, I definitely approve!:yes:
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    Otz being retained

    I know a lot of you guys don't like Bleacher Report, but just got got a notification from them saying that Otz is coming back on Prohm's staff.

    Edit: Looks like the Register is reporting it as...
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    Re: Ready for the 2pm presser...

    I am a huge Orlando Magic fan, and have always disliked the Bulls a bit due to them being what kept the Magic from becoming a potential dynasty in the 90's, but I honestly will probably be cheering...
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    Re: Calls We Got Screwed On

    I got one. Nebraska 2006. Meyer throws a pass pass to Flynn for a TD in the south east corner of south endzone. Flynn clearly had possession of the ball and both feet down, but refs ruled him...
  9. Re: ***Official Iowa State at Oklahoma State Gameday thread****

    Now that I think about it, it was essentially a long onside kick. Damn....
  10. Re: ***Official Iowa State at Oklahoma State Gameday thread****

    How was that a live ball? No one touched it until the OSU player touched. Shouldn't it have been downed there?
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    Re: Game Day- Parking Question

    I always parked at the Ice Arena, just south of the towers. At the most, a 15 minute walk.
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    Poll: Re: Second "favorite" Big XII team?

    Loved Texas Tech for years due to Mike Leach and now Kingsbury. Black and Red/Cardinal are my two favorite colors as well (a silly reason, but true). Not too mention the pass heavy football...
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    Re: Great Crowd Today

    I talked to a few TCU fans aftet the game, and they all said they had a wonderful time, we had incredible fans, and awesome tailgating.

    Really nice to hear. Never had any issue with TCU as a...
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    Re: Blum: Groundhog Day

    Am I the only one that feels the 2003 team was better (on paper anyway)? We were loaded at receiver (Danielsen, Whitver, Young, Montgomery), running back wasn't bad (Hicks, Rutland, Wagner,...
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    Could the 2003 team beat this team?

    The 2003 team was incredibly talented but so damn injured.

    QBs (by committee): Austin Flynn, Cris Love, Waye Terry

    RB: Hiawatha Rutland (Injured against Northern Illinois), Michael Wagner,...
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    Re: TTU vs TCU Game Thread

    This is the game I've been waiting all year for (after ISU, my teams are Texas Tech and Arizona State), so definitely going for Tech. Also a big fan of Kingsbury.
  17. Re: For those of you who have Medicacom, Cyclones.TV is on the air NOW!

    Nevermind. I did another channel scan, and it's coming through now.
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    Re: Where's everyone living this year?

    Gonna stay in Urbandale, and just drive to Ames each day.
  19. When can I expect my parking permit?

    With roughly a week and a half until classes start, I was curious when I can expect to receive my parking permit?. I purchased it first thing the morning of July 10 for transfer students.

  20. Re: Iowa State/Florida State Replay on at 11 pm tonight on FCS Atlantic

    After the Oklahoma State game, I consider this the greatest game we ever played. I still watch my VHS copy all the time to this day.
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  • TV: Fox Sports Net
  • FOOTBALL: Iowa State @ Texas Tech
  • October 10, 2015
  • 02:30 PM