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  1. Re: Travis Hines: A look into the ISU BBall program and the Athletic Dept

    I'm not ready to pull that trigger just yet but JP is certainly off the pedestal I have had him on. If Prohm gets all sanctimonious and Bibley with his comments after games etc then I will be ******...
  2. Re: HOOPS: 2016/17 roster starting to take shape

    He/she/it just joined CF and that was post#3 so could well be trollish.
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    Re: Naz Long's Hips....

    Thanks for the link - I feel better now.
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    Re: Why shouldn't Paul Rhoads be fired now?

    JP only goes if he refuses to make a change when the time is right after this season. (Assuming the rest of the season goes like the last 2 games) Then we need to make an "Orr" like hire for the...
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    Re: Why shouldn't Paul Rhoads be fired now?

    Great point and you don't fire a coach mid season unless he makes a major ethical/character mistake - think Briles at Baylor(should IMO) or Petrino at Arkansas (did)
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    Re: Greatest TV show character of all time

    Not even close for me ALF
  7. Re: Road game with Toledo? HTH does that happen?

    Hence his/her name - pay attention please.
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    Re: BREAKING: Emmanuel Malou commits to Iowa State

    I clicked on "Last Page" in this thread to get caught up and then read the entire thing
    backwards. Cyclone Nation is proud to welcome you Emmanuel Malou!
    Great gifs too CFers
  9. Re: 31-7....pretty much blows away expectations for this game.

    [QUOTE=SimpsonClone;4781313]Where is that moron DeadeyeDedric who was hoping ISU lost?

    He is rotting away on my ignore list where he shall remain until pardoned by President Clinton#2 or President...
  10. Re: 31-7....pretty much blows away expectations for this game.

    Was the terrible video quality the fault of mediacom?
  11. Re: ***Official UNI vs Iowa State Gameday Thread***

    At least wait until the game is over, please.
  12. Re: What's your confidence level of beating UNI in the first game?

    Simply put your cursor over its name so you can "view profile" and then add to your ignore list. I know it works as I just did it. On a related note is there a limit to how many can be on the...
  13. Re: What's your confidence level of beating UNI in the first game?

    I feel a quiet confidence about CPR that he knows he has a pretty good team this year and he also knows what's at stake this season. So I feel 90% sure that we win tonight and it won't be a nail...
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    Re: Former Cyclones at other schools

    Where is David Irving pulling out traffic signs now?
    Or did he switch to making license plates.
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    Re: Interesting Stat

    A good man for a wife beater you meant?
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    Re: Positive Clones...

    Rusty, your spellchecky thing is out of wack.
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    Re: Emmanuel Malou

    I agree with CW in that Malou is the recruit I am most anxious to see commit.
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    Re: Solomon Young Commits to ISU

    Welcome to Cyclone Nation, Solomon!
    Now please clear up one thing - are you 6'6" or 6'7" ?
  19. Re: For those LONG GONE from Iowa... what do you miss?

    Been gone from Iowa for 29 years (Illinois then AZ) and I certainly miss ISU athletic events in person but mostly I miss the goodsense of Iowans in day to day conversations. Most Arizona people...
  20. Re: Will our offensive playcalling be conservative game 1 this year?

    I believe CPR is very confident about this team but he also knows how important this game is for the fans and his future.
    He will test the running game early and if it that is successful then hold...
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