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  1. FS: Re: Texas Tech - $40 for 2 lower level, 50 yard line

    Asking $40 for the pair. Great seats
  2. FS: Texas Tech - $40 for 2 lower level, 50 yard line

    I have 2 tickets in Section 9, row 23, right on the 50 yard line. Face value is $60; looking for best offer.
  3. FS: Re: OSU parking pass and 4 tickets - lower level 50 yard line

  4. FS: OSU parking pass and 4 tickets - lower level 50 yard line

    I have 4 tickets and a parking pass in 85E. Seats are on the west side, row 23 @ the 50 yard line. Face value is $65.
  5. Re: Some kid just did a beer bong in class...

    Guy riding a push mower on Welch that was mowing up beer cans. Shrooms...
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    Re: Royce's dunk

    I had flashbacks of the Fizer over Mihm posterizing.
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    Re: Valley High School Recruiting????

    Both will be 4A.
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    Re: Mediacom vs. Qwest Internet

    I also live on the outer edge of Ankeny (west side). I upgraded to Qwest 7mbps about a month ago and am very happy with it. Netflix streams well, but there are certain peak times of the day like...
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    Re: Looking for a New Car

    Drove the G37 this weekend and then a Lexus ES350. My wife bought the Lexus for the superior ride, although the G37 seemed sportier. Prices are similar, so it was all about how functional it is at...
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    Re: Waste Collection in Ankeny

    We use Ankeny Sanitation and have been pleased with them so far. Pretty consistent pick-up times.
  11. Re: Looking for Club seats to the Kansas game (2)

    I sent you a PM
  12. Re: Anyone else going to be on the field tonight?

    We did it last year and it is a cool experience, especially for the parent!:cool: Today is also my son's 8th birthday, so he is totally stoked.
  13. Texas Tech tix - 2 on the 50 - Lower Level

    I have 2 tickets available on the West side (Section 9). These are on the 50 in row 23. Face value is $60 each obo. Cyclone fans only!:smile:

    PM me if interested and we can meet at the game.
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  • TV: Fox Sports Net
  • FOOTBALL: Iowa State @ Texas Tech
  • October 10, 2015
  • 02:30 PM