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  1. Re: ***Official Kansas vs Iowa State Gameday Thread***

    Awesome catch. Much better to go into half up by 17 instead of 10. Now let's just freaking score in the second half...
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    Re: What if we trounce KU?

    I think it'd show that this team still has a tiny bit of life in it left, while Kansas does not.
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    Re: What if we lose to KU?

    I don't think there'd be chaos. If we lost, I think people would honestly just lose the little interest they have in ISU football and switch to basketball season in their minds. It'd almost be like,...
  4. Poll: Re: Any guesses on Attendance for this weekends game?

    Having sunny skies in the 60s will help, especially along with the fact that we're actually expected to win. Many people probably didn't get to see the new stadium in the UNI or Iowa games because...
  5. Re: REFUTED: Travis Hines: A look into the ISU BBall program and the Athletic Dept

    Between holding onto Rhoads (a bad football coach) and essentially helping Hoiberg (amazing basketball coach) leave his hometown, I wouldn't be the least bit sorry to see Pollard go. With that said,...
  6. Re: So realistically, what are our chances of making a bowl

    About as likely as the Pope converting to Islam tomorrow.
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    Re: Memphis Coach Justin Fuente

    I'd guess fire, which exactly what's underneath Rhoads' seat right now.
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    Re: Resume' killer

    Hardly a Power 5 school. Looking at their schedule, you'd think they were in the American Conference.
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    Re: Kansas game

    I believe the last 2 coaches to be fired before the end of the season and not allowed to finish were Dan Hawkins at Colorado in 2010 when they were winless, along with Kansas, and KU put up a...
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    Re: Seriously...Bring the Chiz..back...

    Bring back the same guy who used ISU and then left us as soon as he could?
    Bring back the same guy who went like 5-19 over the course of 2 seasons here?
    Bring back a guy who got fired because he...
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    Re: Recruiting Woes

    Once Rhoads started using the fact that our kick off temperatures average 62 degrees, I knew he had absolutely no clue how to recruit kids and was grasping at anything he could that might sound good...
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    Re: Most "Iowa State" Moment Last Night?

    Running down the clock to 5 seconds and then missing a chip shot field goal with time expiring.
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    Re: Fire Paul Rhoads

    In all honesty, what do we have to lose by getting rid of Rhoads now instead of the end of the season? I'm not sure how much extra we'd save by leaving him in charge for 9 more games, but I sure...
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    Re: ***Official Postgame Toledo Thread***

    I'm not even mad, I'm just extremely sad about the state of Iowa State football, which doesn't even have a good history to begin with. How do you keep a coach that is terrible at recruiting, terrible...
  15. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Toledo Gameday Thread***

    I don't see a way we win more than 2 games this season. Kansas is the only team that we have a chance at beating
  16. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Toledo Gameday Thread***

    We had the game in our hands... just had to hit a 32 yard field goal to win it by 3...
  17. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Toledo Gameday Thread***

    At least we're on defense first this next time...
  18. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Toledo Gameday Thread***

    I just peed my pants there...
  19. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Toledo Gameday Thread***

    Wish we could've made that kick a minute ago...
  20. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Toledo Gameday Thread***

    HOW DO YOU MISS THAT?!?!?!?!?!
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