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    Re: Expansion

    THe conference doesn't "need" to expand remember that if there is 12 teams everyone no longer plays everyone else automatically. This means any team who ducks the top 1-2 teams in the league due to...
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    Re: Where would YOU rank ISU in preseason?

    Maryland #1.

    ISU and UNC after them about even.

    Then you can chose where you put the next teams there is a gap after those 3. (Kentucky Kansas Nova UVA Duke.)

    I think my Orangemen are...
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    Re: MBB Season Tickets

    I think you can still get seasons if you pay attention and buy immediately when they get offered to the public. They allowed ST holders to request more during renewals that end today so I'd pay...
  4. Re: Phil Steele looks for bowl game from Cyclones

    Beat UNI and its a 6-8 win team. Richardson isn't a bad QB he is due to win games eventually he might take a beating and wear down later in the year but I think he will get more positive attention...
  5. Re: Anyone been to a West Virginia football game?

    Its a lot like Buffalo's Ralph Wilson Stadium too.
  6. Re: Rumor: ISU interested in Hornacek IF Hoiberg leaves

    No the Bulls are trying to squeeze a 1st round pick out of him from a bad team probably only top 3 protected regardless (and if they win a Championship its absolutely time for them to take the pick...
  7. Re: Rumor: ISU interested in Hornacek IF Hoiberg leaves

    Would be a great hire. Program wouldn't miss a beat simply because Hoiberg has branded ISU basketball so well and the fanbase is easily top 5 in the country given the fact hes a former star player...
  8. Re: This is why the Big 12 is not going to expand

    Theres no point in rushing to go to 12. Worst case scenario happened last year and probably won't again.

    Memphis and San Diego St are the 2 teams I'd take.
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    Re: If you build it they will come

    If you like getting bombed in the parking lot at football games ISU is as close to heaven as you are going to get even if you find a school with equal tailgating which may or may not exist I doubt it...
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    Re: Season ticket renewal numbers

    Well last 3 years I have more than doubled my money on the first game of the year easily selling extra tickets for profit so I am calling ******** on this one unless you happened to roll in after the...
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    Re: CFH paying his dues

    You can't make the tournament a lot without bad first weekend losses happening somewhat regularly. Once or twice a decade a big program/coach has to lose to a lesser team EARLY. (ISU is a big...
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    Poll: Re: How about ISU vs KU at Arrowhead?

    Oh and the game can always be played at the MLS stadium like the Kansas State pring game.
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    Poll: Re: How about ISU vs KU at Arrowhead?

    You can do it if the deal is something like 3 games over 10 years with KU giving up 2 home games and ISU 1.

    That works for everyone. Its a good idea to play them there every 4 or 5 years just...
  14. Poll: Re: Where does Sam Richardson rank in the Big 12?

    I put him at 3.

    Frankly I see this compliment as back handed since...
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    Re: You should root for UNI.

    Today we get to see how good the 2 MVC teams really are.

    The selection committee did a great job outside of the Dayton bs selection and home seeding these are good second round matchups.

    Im not...
  16. Re: Big 12 0-3. Did our Entire Conference have an inflated opinion of themselves?

    This is a football answer to a BB question but since there are only 5 conferences it just is a fact of life that the second there is any weakness or rebuilding across the Big Ten or SEC (conferences...
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    Re: Transfers leaving Syracuse

    They were probably forced out either to get the number of schollies down for the violations (might be appealled next year and it might not think that is still tbd) or to make room for incoming...
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    Re: Our guys wouldn't shake hands?

    Too many cheifs not enough Indians in the locker room. And too many guys not enough minutes on the court. Once McKay got added and there weren't enough minutes to go around the sum was going to be...
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    Re: Expansion

    Pac 12 was the best conference last year. It will be down this year.

    Big Ten sucked but had the national champ. It will suck again.

    SEC still has no QBs.
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    Re: 2015 Football Tickets

    Just remember there is no more hillsides.

    So tickets will either be very cheap since the game won't be sold out and theres a new stand (and likely its cold and the team is having a rough year.)
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