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  1. Re: CR Gazette Letter to Editor: "Foul disparity helped ISU beat UI"

    The Gazette is a complete joke. Whenever I go home to visit family I approach reading it as entertainment. As a kid growing up, the paper used to include "The Mini Page" on Mondays. Nowadays, the...
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    Re: Radio Streaming for Game Today

    this station usually works for me....

    Y Country 1013 Sioux City, IA - Nascar - Iowa State
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    Re: Panther Style

    OMG... little brother has outdone itself.

    They forgot to show the mass exodus of students going back to their hometowns on weekends.
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    Re: Nebby Getting Crushed

    Well the good news for nebraska is that this game will only be replayed about 51,000 times over the next year on the BIG Network... good god how many times did they show last years title game over...
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    Re: The drought in Nebraska

    A volume of water is stored in Lake McConaughy each year (called the "environmental account" by the various entities using Lake Mac water)
    that is released during critical habitiat times, such as...
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    Re: Colorado - High Park Fire

    crazy stuff... thanks for the photos isukendall. I was leaving my condo complex yesterday morning (last time I had checked the news online earlier that morning the fire wasn't that big)... and I saw...
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    Re: The Iowa is home

    I've been fortunate enough to tour the Wisconsin and Missouri, they are remarkable ships. My father was on the Wisky back in the 1950s, so it was pretty cool when my brothers and I toured it...
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    Re: hot sports chick twins game

    Thank goodness for internet message boards, where a person can broadcast a thread about an attractive woman sitting in a baseball stadium in Minneapolis he happened to see on TV. I think I'll check...
  9. Re: Colorado up by 5 on Arizona under 2 minutes left

    Man... CU diluted even more a once proud basketball conference... subtraction by addition I suppose. Lunardi has the conference regular season winner, Washington, as one of the last four out....
  10. Re: hard hitting journalism from

    the media in eastern Iowa is hilarious, almost to the point where they manufacture news... if you go to the CR Gazette's website, they'll make a one car rollover accident seem like the BP Oil Spill...
  11. Re: My 2011 ISU Football Video..Made last night

    That was just filthy good.

    THANK YOU mschwartzkopf!
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    Re: We're not alone...

    of course we're not alone... this proves it. Thanks, internet!

    Alien shockingly caught on tape in Brazil 2011 - YouTube
  13. Re: Remembering Pearl Harbor - What's Your Favorite American Moment?

    this cracked me up... from the Onion

    Josh Hartnett Returns To Pearl Harbor For First Time Since Film | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
  14. Re: ***Found a video feed @KSU for those that need it***

    THANK YOU!!! The Root sports affiliate in Colorado decided to go with the CHSAA football playoffs during the delay and never went back to the game... even after the high school game was over, they...
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    Re: Most annoying person in central Iowa

    Terry Branstad....

    Tim Fischer (T&T in the morning guy)... that guy is A W F U L. Biggest buzzkill.. and does he hate his partner Travis Justice? Everything Justice says, Fischer repeats in a...
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    Re: Boom Goes the Dynamite in Lincoln

    I think Pellini is going to literally kill a referee with his bare hands before he retires... on the flip side, the pressure of the most important job in the state of nebraska, trying to appease the...
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    Re: Service Academy Games = Awesome

    I totally agree, isukendall. I went to the AF-Navy games in '04 and '06 with my brother who is a Naval officer stationed with Northcom at the time. The pageantry is great... he get's worked up about...
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    Congratulations, UNL

    We invent the freaking digital computer, and you invent the McRib...

    From Nebraska Lab To McDonald's Tray: The McRib's Strange Journey : The Salt : NPR

    no wonder you fell out of the AAU...
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    Re: Texas Tech TV in Minnesota

    well here in Colorado CU is on 2 channels, Root Sports and FCS-Pacific... I'm not sure that team even deserves to be on the radio right now they are that bad...
  20. Re: Iowa State needs a musical cue like this at our home games

    After attending my first home game against UT last weekend with the new scoreboard, weather alert, sirens etc.. I thought that Jack Trice had finally "arrived" when it comes to atmosphere and...
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  • TV: Cyclones.TV
  • FOOTBALL: Iowa State vs. UNI
  • September 5, 2015
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