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  1. ESPN's The Weird and Watchable Teams

    Iowa State made the list.
  2. Re: All aboard the Hype Train!! (nut cup not included)

    Count me in on this hype train this season!!!

    For basketball season!!!

  3. Replies

    Re: 5 Dimes: ISU favored by 8 over UNI

    It would be unacceptable for a coach at any FBS school to lose for a 3rd straight year to a FCS team, should be automatic leave from duties as a head coach. For how long Paul Rhoads has been here...
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    Re: WWE Road to SummerSlam

    I called it, you are all welcome!!!
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    Re: WWE Road to SummerSlam

    Will Sting make an appearance tonight during the ceremony?
  6. Re: Prohm talks Spain trip, his golf game, and "running with the bulls"

    The most famous Running with the Bulls was in July per Wiki, I dont think we have to worry about the team doing something like that!!!!
  7. How ironic would it be if Rashad Vaughn is drafted by Chicago?

    I was just thinking the irony if the Chicago Bulls draft Vaughn, does Hoiberg get a say if he wants to coach Vaughn after a good relationship went sour at the end?

    ESPN mock draft from Twitter:...
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    Re: WWE Money in the Bank

    Has to be Lesnar, still has a rematch clause one would think, no?
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    Re: Tsalmpouris Status?

    Still in the Iowa State directory with an in-session address in Greece fwiw!!
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    Re: Tsalmpouris Status?

    I would assume he would have let Iowa St know that he was not coming back before he left, plus he probably heard about Frank Kaminski went from unknown to All American!!
  11. Re: Who has the phone number for Coach Prohm???

    Does Twitter count for his contact info, I take $50 for providing his Twitter?
  12. Re: *** COACHING SEARCH THREAD: Sunday, June 7 ***

    All I know is that whomever becomes coach, there is going to be disappointment within the fan base for Iowa State after taking over after Hoiberg.
  13. Re: *** COACHING SEARCH THREAD: Thursday, June 4 ***

    I always felt Jay Bilas would make a great college coach, why not make a call?
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    Re: WILLIAMS: And the coaching search begins...

    How about Jeff Grayer, bring in Grayer and we could lock up Miles Bridges, right?

    Seriously, my ideal coaching staff would be, Larry Eustachy or Hornacek as the head coach with his assistants as...
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    Re: WWE Elimination Chamber

    He is still the champ though as it was non title match.
  16. TJ will be the next head coach, all points towards it.

    The key point is with Noskowiak's commitment.

    This was TJ's first recruit as Iowa State's head coach.

    When did Hoiberg interview for the Orlando and New Orleans job, pre or post surgery, if it...
  17. Re: Hoiberg Watch 2015: Sunday, May 31 Open Thread

    With Hoiberg leaving Iowa State, this feels like the Cleveland Cavaliers when Lebron left Cleveland to go to Miami, sort of. The question is, after a few years, will Hoiberg would want to come back...
  18. Re: Hoiberg Watch 2015: Sunday, May 31 Open Thread

    If Hoiberg leaves, will Applebys have a special on the Hoiburger ??
  19. Re: Hoiberg Watch 2015: Saturday, May 30 Thread

    I would have thought Hoiberg was here until 2020 atleast and would like to have a run at a Final 4 when Minneapolis hosts the Final 4 in 2019 in their new stadium.

  20. Re: Hoiberg Watch 2015: Saturday, May 30 Thread

    The irony.

    Big time donor gives 25 million to the football program and did any of the money was donated to the basketball program and then a couple of years later, Bulls are going to pay Hoiberg...
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  • September 5, 2015
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