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    Re: Going to Austin? Read This!

    Great job on organizing the event, Barry. It was nice to meet you and other Cyclones. We had a great time. Now back to Iowa!
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    Re: Going to Austin? Read This!

    We (3 of us) will definitely be there. Do you have any tickets left in the Cyclone group? We would need 3.
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    Re: ISU @ Texas Roll Call

    I'm in Grapevine for a conference this week and am meeting my daughter and son-in-law in Austin for the weekend. I still need to get 3 tickets and asume I'll be able to scalp them prior to the game....
  4. Re: Win $1,000 on the ISU/KU game tomorrow night from

    Iowa State wins 75-69. Niang with 22 points.
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    FS: Re: 2 tickets to MSVS 12/31 MBB

    Are the tickets still available?
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    Re: Smoking Meat

    Smoked a bone in pork loin today on my Traeger. 2950329504
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    Re: Tickets on sale 8/22

    Did anyone on here buy tickets at the ticket office today? If so, how long was the wait and did you get tickets?
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    Re: Car repair in Ankeny

    100% agree on Woody's. It's the only place I've gone since Bill opened up 10 or so years ago. I went to Tim's before that and never had any problems, but I prefer Woody's.
  9. FT: Parking Pass to Trade - G6 for A1 - Toledo Game Only

    I have a G6 parking pass (just across University from the NE corner of the stadium) that I would like to trade for a pass in A1 for the Toledo game. College buddies are getting together and a couple...
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    Re: What is the best bar you've ever been in?

    Great choices here. I was just at the Stanley Hotel bar in Estes Park earlier this week (great scotch list) and was at Old Ebbett's in DC twice last week. Ebbett's has 4 bars and the food...
  11. Re: Electric water conditioners - any plumbers or engineers care to opine?

    As a chemical engineer (ISU, 1984) experienced in water treatment, my advice is to not buy the water conditioner. It will not take care of your problem. A properly working water softener should take...
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    Re: anything cool to do in/around mason city?

    I'm not from Mason City but I go there often for work.
    If they are into old time rock and roll, go to the Buddy Holly crash site north of Clear Lake. They will see the location where the music died...
  13. Re: Help! I need to find a site that will stream the game tonight!

    Hey. Just wanted to thank everybody for the help. It turns out that the Delta flight I was on had Dishnetwork so I could watch the whole game during my flight. Wife, the kids (one still at ISU) and I...
  14. Re: Help! I need to find a site that will stream the game tonight!

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try once we get going. If all else fails, I should be able to listen to the radio broadcast on Go Cyclones!
  15. Help! I need to find a site that will stream the game tonight!

    Long time lurker, but I seldom post. Bad planning on my part but I am going to be on a flight from Minneapolis to Las Vegas during the game tonight. My flight is scheduled to leave at 7:50 PM. It's a...
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    Re: Benchwarmers in ankeny

    We (wife, ISU daughter and I) didn't make to Benchwarmers until halftime (duties at mass). Stood for most of the second half with a 32 oz Shiner Cheer (or 2) until we were able to get a table from a...
  17. Thread: HS Playoffs

    by cyclone618

    Re: HS Playoffs

    Here is a link for Bryce Miller's column in the DMR today. Disclosure: I attended Kuemper Catholic many years ago. Back then we were a basketball and baseball school. ...
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    Re: Mechanics in Ankeny

    Woody's on 1st street is my recommendation. I've been going to Woody's since he started there over 10 years ago. Bill (Wood) is very trustworthy and his staff is great. I take my personal vehicles...
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    Anyone going to Tulsa?

    Is anyone going to the game in Tulsa? I'm meeting some college buddies there and plan on tailgating, but I haven't been able to find much info on tailgating there. Anybody know anything about...
  20. Re: If you had to live on one beer...(money is no object)

    Yuengling is my favorite - and not just because it's not available here. I get some in Memphis whenever I'm there (about 3-4 times a year). Shiner Bock is another good amber beer.
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