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  1. Re: Here we go - WrestleStats is ready for another season

    It feels like we have a high attrition rate, but really its only that this thread is catching up on departures from long long ago. I am surprised about Molina. Seemed like a tough kid. Anyone know...
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    Re: JEFF WOODY: Offensive line analysis

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    Re: MONDAY MUSINGS: Season predictions

    I dunno. Depends on how you get to that 5-7. Isn't it the case that all (or most) of the assistant coaches contracts expire this season? If so, this is in fact a good time to change regimes with the...
  4. Thread: Ridge Kiley

    by Land Grant

    Re: Ridge Kiley

    Is this a step up? (Honestly, I am asking ... it very well could be).
  5. Thread: 2016 lineup

    by Land Grant

    Re: 2016 lineup

    I think this could be a year when ISU puts itself back in the top 8, and potentially higher. I could see a few young guys really surprising folks. I could also see Weatherspoon exceeding...
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    Re: Cyclone Tour

    This strikes me as a pretty big deal. I felt that both Tanner and Lelund were somewhat outhorsed last year. I'm assuming coaches are confident they can both make the new weights. I think this could...
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    Re: Big 12 Wrestling Expansion

    I would have liked to see the Pac 12 folded in. It would have given the whole more legitimacy in relation to the Big 10. Also would have strengthened West Coast recruiting. This will become more...
  8. Re: PODCAST: An hour of ISU wrestling talk on KXnO

    NEI, I generally appreciate (while not fully agreeing with) your critical position toward the ISU wrestling program. Now that the coaching extension has been granted, however, what will your endgame...
  9. Re: PODCAST: An hour of ISU wrestling talk on KXnO

    Jackson's first staff was a disaster. Washington might have been a good guy but was wildly under qualified. I've always wondered if the Bono hire was forced by the AD, as that seemed like a...
  10. Re: PODCAST: An hour of ISU wrestling talk on KXnO

    Varner stayed for a year as well. I remember him speaking very highly of Jackson's coaching. Cael took all the recruits and his brother. IMO, if Cyler had stayed ISU would have been in the hunt for...
  11. Re: ISU Wrestling Analysis - Warning Long / Detailed - Dissertation....LOL

    Very insightful. Thanks. The biggest thing is how long Nichols coached ISU. That's exactly what you need to build a dynasty ... a great coach that stays for a long time. ISU seems to have failed in...
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    Re: Chis Taylor Holding up Hilton by Himself

    Look at the calves on that german!
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    Re: The facts are the facts

    Do you have numbers to back up these claims? I am honestly asking. I would spitball that ISU wrestling (including the support club for workout partners) has significantly less support than IA, PSU,...
  14. Re: Pretty sure KJ has another year left on contract...

    I too get sick of NEI's UNI barbs. They are wholly gratuitous. Sure, Shwab was a nice local boy hire for them. He seems to have effaced the apathy of the Penrith years (although new money from the AD...
  15. Re: Pretty sure KJ has another year left on contract...

    But it is. NCAA championships are the basis of the "glory days" so many remember so fondly. Ability to win championships is why Sanderson is at PSU.

    Frankly NEI, if all you want is to be somewhat...
  16. Re: Pretty sure KJ has another year left on contract...

    Recent history suggests the lack of wrestling championships at ISU is not ONLY about the coach. If there weren't other issues, Sanderson would still be here. I don't know what those issues are. I'm...
  17. Thread: New Commit

    by Land Grant

    Re: New Commit

    This great news and telling. Whodathunk that a kid like this, with family on the team, would commit when KJ is apparently deeply disliked by so many wrestlers (and especially, the insinuation went...
  18. Re: Pretty sure KJ has another year left on contract...

    People need to realize that we no longer live in the "Harold Nichols Era" of ISU wrestling. In fact, we haven't been there since HN retired. If KJ has failed according to that metric, so too did...
  19. Re: ***2015 NCAA Wrestling Championships Gameday(s) Thread***

    Eblen better take a taxi back to Columbia. Team mates probably won't think much of his costing them the championship through utter childish stupidity.
  20. Re: ***2015 NCAA Wrestling Championships Gameday(s) Thread***

    Recruiting is damned competitive these days and its a fight for us to get elite talent. I think the quality of training at ISU is much better than it was a couple years ago. A guy like Dante will be...
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