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  1. Sticky: Re: College Football Pick'ems - FANTASTIC GRAND PRIZE!

    Michigan @ Utah (-5.5) -- Wolverines
    TCU (-14.5) @ Minnesota -- TCU
    BYU @ Nebraska (-7) -- BYU
    Texas @ Notre Dame (-9.5) -- ND
    Ohio State (-12) @ Virginia Tech -- tOSU
    Iowa State (-8) vs. UNI --...
  2. Re: COLUMN: Five positives to come out of fall camp

    With the mouth. You need to watch old SNL episodes.
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    Poll: Re: Is Briles gone due to rape coverup?

    As Keith Murphy said on Sound Off: "Of course no, as long as he continues to win." That's the Church of Football in TX.
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    Re: O-LINE: Mangino sees "vast improvement"

    Maybe Oni has trouble with the line calls, and/or coordinating his movements with the guards.
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    Re: Rhoads' best decision

    That was not CPR's decision.
  6. Re: Seasons Predictions - Post your Win chance for each game

    UNI: 70%
    Iowa: 70%
    Toledo: 65%
    KU: 80%
    Tech: 48%
    TCU: 5%
    Baylor: 2%
    Texas: 56%
    OU: 2%
    OSU: 40%
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    Re: FOOTBALL: Jhaustin Thomas info

    At 6', and two-eighty-something, Tucker is the body type that would play well at NT. Low center of gravity, strong as a bull with quickness being a plus. I hope he gets to 290 by Sep. 5.
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    Re: COLUMN: Cautious optimism up front on D

    As many question marks as there are for this team, I can't see how anyone can guarantee anything in regards to the the upcoming FB season. I'm optimistic, but let's not get carried away.
  9. Re: Odds on winning championship by conference ...

    Looks like Jayhawks' OL has very little depth. Just regular attrition due to injury probably will make the KU line as thin as paper. I will predict a dominating win for ISU. KU with only 62...
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    Re: Who else is ready for college football?

    Cherry, my favorite flavor.:biggrin:
  11. Re: FOOTBALL: Bobby Leath on campus...Kendall Williams?

    JT looks to be relentless to the ball, I really like that point about him; and he seems to able to read what's going on on the field, I really like that about him as well. If he's signed, great get....
  12. Re: Who or What are you most interested in seeing this year?

    Unless it's a pick-six, or a long INT return.
  13. Re: SUMMER SERIES PODCAST: Expectations for the next 5 years

    My expectations are the Big 12 at least expands back to 12 teams; slow, but continuous improvement of the FB team; at least two bowl games, and they win at least one.
  14. Re: Interesting perspective on Arky joining the Big 12 ...

    Yes they were prior to 1925. Even so, I think those "rivalries" have died long ago.
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    Re: JTS construction webcam?

    The expansion looks great. I had a thought: When the NW wind during November blows and hits the enclosed SEZ, the structure is going to cause the wind to swirl on the field. That effect will make...
  16. Re: Could we be looking for a new Non-Conf opponent in '17-'18?

    The Ohio Valley Conference is FCS -- looks like a likely landing spot.
  17. Re: Cyclones tabbed 9th in Preseason Big 12 Media Poll

    We're #9! We're #9! We're #9! At least it isn't last place.

    Lots and lots of room for improvement, of course.
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    Re: what we call ourselves?

    The beveled horseshoe. The Tron Monster; you know, those "sprites" that look like pier cranes. Speaking of which, the Pier Crane.
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    Re: COLUMN: Thank you, Oklahoma president

    FIFY. I read that Yahoo Sports wants to start a streaming network for a while now, before Google starts one for sure.
  20. Thread: Expansion

    by drednot57

    Re: Expansion

    Yeah, time zones. I think I got lost in the Twilight Zone on that last post. My goof.
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