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    Re: Interesting Stat

    It's been said many times, but the 2005 team only winning 7 games was unforgivable. That team could (should?) have been 11-0 going into the Big 12 championship. 4 regular season losses included three...
  2. Re: Iowa Native Jesse Ertz named Kansas State starting qb

    This guy will have a string of mediocre performances all year, and then he will have a career day on November 21: most yards, most TDs, fewest/no interceptions, and a game-winning scoring drive as...
  3. Re: Big XII Expansion: Football Only Affiliate Members?

    I generally support any additional non-Texas entities in this conference. BYU and CSU seem like good choices, but adding another school to the east to bridge the gap to WVU would seem like the best...
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    Re: Lead story on ESPN, 2015 CFB Uni Watch

    And Oregon might have gone off the rails:
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    Re: Lead story on ESPN, 2015 CFB Uni Watch

    It might be bordering on too much, but I really dig San Diego State's full-Aztec look:
  6. Re: ***Official UNI @ Iowa State Prediction Thread***

    I so, so badly want this to be on the order of a 45-7 type beatdown... but until I see otherwise, I expect more of the same as what we've had the last couple years.

    20-17 Purple
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    Re: RB by committee?

    In 2000, Haywood was the clear #1 but we also gave several carries to Mike Wagner, which paid off because Wagner started a couple games when Haywood was injured and was very productive. We needed...
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    Re: RB by committee?

    Whoever or however many it takes to pick up first downs, convert short yardage, control the clock, keep the defense off the field, help in pass protection, put it in the end zone, and occasionally...
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    Re: Jack Trice throwback uniforms again?

    Even KU has like 4-5 different uniform/helmet combinations. Establishing a brand/identity is important, but we don't even have 2-3 options that we can show off. It seems like a pretty obvious way to...
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    Re: Expose on Baylor covering up rape by players

    Before calling someone else an idiot, maybe make sure you don't also look like one.
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    Re: Email Etiquette

    When I send an email with 3 or 4 specific questions clearly enumerated, and all I get back in reply is a single "Yes" or "no" or "I don't know."

    Or when I get a question in reply for something...
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    Re: MONDAY MUSINGS: Season predictions

    Everyone is chalking up a win against KU.

    My inner Cyclone is thinking that we find a way to eke out 3 close wins to start 3-0, get everyone's hopes up, and then lay a gigantic turd at home...
  13. Re: FALL CAMP: Good health? It's finally here for Brock Dagel

    Last August there was lots of talk about a finally healthy offense, and it made me really nervous. Two plays into the season, and Quenton got ninja'd.

    I get that it's a storyline, but damn, it's...
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    Re: Who else is ready for college football?

    I'm always ready for football. Favorite time of year.

    I'm optimistic for better results, but I'm not necessarily expecting them. Football season is so much more fun when ISU is decent.
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    Re: Big 12 turnarounds

    Bryce acknowledged it in the OP, but it's worth noting that our turnarounds in both 04 and 09 came with 4 OOC games and the "weak" South rotation (mediocre OSU, bad Baylor, and mediocre A&M). 04 in...
  16. Re: Will this controversy of the future of the B12 ever stop?

    "Rivals" in the sense that they (OU, OSU, and Ark) used to play together in the same conference, not that they play for a trophy or anything. Slow your roll.
  17. Re: Will this controversy of the future of the B12 ever stop?

    OU was a SWC member from 1915-1919, OSU was from 1915-1925, and Arkansas was from 1915-1990, so, you know, they are technically old rivals.
  18. Re: Job Searching Tips Request (real world, post college)

    As someone who's done a fair bit of interviewing on both sides of the table, I'd say that creative resumes are just terrible. Keep it simple. Be concise and clear, and tailor your resume and cover...
  19. Poll: Re: More lopsided conference divisions, old B12 or new B1G?

    I know Colorado got annihilated in both the 04 and 05 champ games, but I still can't help but think that it should have been us both times. Why does that still tick me off? I guess because we had two...
  20. Re: Paul Rhoads fully understands how "antsy" fans are

    The proof will be on the field against UNI in 44 days. Too often the last couple years, the moment adversity strikes the whole team just lays down. If they can demonstrate some backbone, discipline,...
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