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  1. Re: All aboard the Hype Train!! (nut cup not included)

    Been on the hype train a lot of times in my ISU fandom.

    Here's how that always ends for me.
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    Re: 5 Dimes: ISU favored by 8 over UNI

    Your join date and post count lead me to believe you know better than this. Sure, a few will jump on the bandwagon, but you and I both know most of them will be ******** about some lost chance we...
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    Re: Montana Grizzlies Uniforms

    Thanks for the history lesson. Still doesn't change the fact that there is no continuity in those uniforms. As a designer myself, I look at a lot of these uniform combinations as people throwing ****...
  4. Re: Just because it's interesting even here ...

    Yeah, I watched them. It's different running the same play over and over because it works.

    As far as ISU and the read option goes, you just made my point. We ran that play to death, even though...
  5. Re: Just because it's interesting even here ...

    I think for Snyder, it seems he's one of the best coaches at developing a system that works for what he has. Seems a lot of coaches these days want to have a system and recruit to it. Where I think...
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    Poll: Re: Bigger win this season? KSU of Texas?

    HAHA, so funny you say that. On our drive back from the Smoky Mountains last week, my wife and I were talking about this. I was saying how much I hate the lazy-assed mascots that are, "Dress the guy...
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    Re: Montana Grizzlies Uniforms

    How many different school colors do they have? I personally am old school, but I do understand the options for alternate uniforms in this day and age of college football. I do think you should stick...
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    Poll: Re: Bigger win this season? KSU of Texas?

    Texas is always a big win, because of the name. It will just get more press.

    That being said, and I hate to be "that guy" but we are hurting bad for wins, so imo, any win is a big win. I'll take...
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    Re: Did we scrimmage UNI this year?

    Looks almost like a new design for the Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Trophy.

    Never Forget!!
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    Re: Justin Wilson needs your prayers

    I agree. There are all kinds of dangerous jobs out there.I'm all for safety and doing the most you can, but automobile racing, at it's core is a dangerous way to make a living. That's actually what...
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    Re: O-LINE: Mangino sees "vast improvement"

    I understand they aren't going to come out and say that everything sucks and we are doomed, but this just seems to be a phrase we've heard throughout the CPR era and it leads me to believe it when I...
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    Poll: Re: Are you happy with Coach Prohm so far?

    Speaking of basketball, drove through Louisville today on my way back to Chicago from the Smoky Mountains. Saw the KFC Yum arena and almost threw up. It got me thinking as I read this question this...
  13. Poll: Re: Live the life now or Pay down debts or Save for retirement?

    I'll be 45 next year and have the house paid off next, no car loans, no credit card debt and no student loans. When interest rates started to drop and all my friends were refinancing over and over...
  14. Thread: Bee Hive

    by Clonefan94

    Re: Bee Hive

    Look into a dust product, I have used Drione and Delta dusts in the past with stellar results. The dust puffs in there and fills the air and coats the sides, as opposed to seeping into the ground....
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    Re: Golf Handicap

    I measure myself against other golfers by height.
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    Re: Board of Regents New Hire

    Yeah, something seems a little fishy with this one. How can you be on the payroll of the U of I, while at the same time be a major part of the BOR?
  17. Re: Should the Big 12 stop scheduling FCS opponents?

    This really isn't always the case for everyone. ISU, yeah, usually when we lose to an FCS, we are terrible, but hey, we usually are terrible anyways.

    I personally don't like when the games are...
  18. Re: Can we expect any offensive innovation in year two?

    I look at it this way, it's tough to get creative, if you can't to the basics correctly. Our offensive line wasn't good enough to do straight ahead blocking and get a push, so how would we expect...
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    Poll: Re: Poll: What smartphone do you use?

    I use and iPone 6, more for ease than anything else. I work on Macs, have a mac at home, the integration between device and computers is relatively seamless. My wife uses a Galaxy S5 and loves it. If...
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    Re: House for sale in Polk City

    If that were a cement pond, I'd have been all in!

    FYI, construction people will bash you pretty harshly for calling concrete "cement"

    Cement is merely an ingredient of what made that patio,...
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