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  1. Thread: Spain Trip

    by cyco2000

    Re: Spain Trip

    I can't imagine the plane ride alone for Jameel is much fun. Then, having to sit down on an airplane toilet because of the candy apple splatters?? Can't image the horror.

    Hope he's been...
  2. Re: Central IA Girls Little League Being Cheated in World Series

    Really happy about this result, but can't stand to think about what this did to the Wests' kids. Wasn't their deal, and they're punished for it.

    Man, adults really do screw up their kids sporting...
  3. Re: Central IA Girls Little League Being Cheated in World Series

    Getting teams PT is actually required. However, swinging at balls and bunting just to strike out is against the rules.

    Losing is one thing, but absolutely tanking the game is clearly against the...
  4. Thread: Lazer 103.3

    by cyco2000

    Re: Lazer 103.3

    It seems this station is trying to turn into KGGO lately. I sometimes hear newer songs on KGGO. Why can't we have a station that plays current rock with a few of the "older" ones mixed in instead...
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    Re: Best Concert Ever Attended

    It was just wild. I hadn't heard of Manson before the show, so what he did at that show was an eye opener for me! I don't think the mods would let me describe what we saw that day. We didn't see...
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    Re: Best Concert Ever Attended

    Most memorable (best?) was Nine Inch Nails in Iowa City in 1994. Was a junior in high school and had never (and haven't since) seen anything like that show. Marilyn Manson and the Jim Rose Side...
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    Re: Friday 5: Flag designs

    How long has this flag been Iowa's flag? Wasn't this a ***** to sew back before we had sweat shops? I mean, I can't imagine many people sewing one of these up before battle.
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    Re: Pollard vs Leath

    I just love how everyone assumes this reporter is correct.
  9. Re: WBB considering switch from halves to quarters

    This could be great (for men's and women's) if it got rid of one TV timout in each half. One TV at the 5-minute mark and one at quarter. But, how do we recoup TV dollars in that scenario? I guess...
  10. Re: Performance-based state funding and how you can help ISU

    I actually heard back from my rep, but not my senator. Was happy and surprised to get a response, actually.
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    Re: Any concrete experts onboard?

    This was the price last year in Ames, too. Not sure what it is this year, but I doubt it's going down.

    Add in labor and I can see how you'd get to $1700. Especially how others have mentioned...
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    Re: When do you start to dislike someone

    I am thankful and appreciate his time here. I hope he fails at St. Johns because he is competing against ISU. I hope we hire him back because he is an excellent recruiter.

    It's OK to like a guy...
  13. Re: Legal to sports bet on Bovada? being in Iowa?

    This part did make me laugh.

    Wife: What did we get in the mail today, honey?

    Husband: Oh, just another foreign check. Same old stuff, different day.
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    Re: Cy's House of Trivia 2015

  15. Thread: truTV in HD?

    by cyco2000

    Re: truTV in HD?

    TruTV picture quality reminds me of the old Cyclone Network games on WOI. Too bad there's no Dave Armstrong.
  16. Re: ***2015 NCAA Wrestling Championships Gameday(s) Thread***

    Thanks in advance for any updates. I love tracking what is happening on this site. Thanks everyone!
  17. Re: Possible nickname for the 2014-2015 ISU MBB team?

    Hopefully once the tournament is over:

    "Best Cyclone Team of All Time"

    This includes the Paleozoic Era.
  18. Re: NCAA TOURNAMENT: How to eliminate the slow starts?

    I really don't care if we start slow as long as we win. I think this team needs to be in a hole to compete, and I'm fine with that. Don't hide from who you are. Look at that Texas game and Baylor...
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    Re: Current Vegas odds to win it all

    "Field" 30/1
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    Re: Starting Seniors on Senior Night

    I can't remember if Floyd or Eustachy did it, but one of them did. The crowd loved it and the team did as well. Really got everyone jacked up and it was fun for all. Don't remember it ever harming...
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