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  1. Re: Will our offensive playcalling be conservative game 1 this year?

    Get some therapy...quick.
  2. Re: So how is ISU accomplishing the massive growth?

    There are a multitude of reasons for why Iowa State has sailed past Iowa in enrollment, but most of them revolve around how Iowa State views itself and markets itself compared to Iowa's approach. ...
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    Re: How convenient for them...

    I can almost assure you that the NCAA will make an exception to its normal process and will not allow UNC football and basketball participate in postseason competition this year. Not because it's...
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    Re: Most Underrated Movie

    16 Candles
    Very funny movie.
    "They're so perky!"
    "I can't believe my grandma just felt me up"
    Long Duck Dong
    "I never bagged a babe"

    Now that is quality cinema!
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    Re: PODCAST: We're excited about football

    And look at our record against Iowa the last 13 years. It just proves that Iowa is usually overrated and we are usually underrated when it comes to the betting line.
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    Re: New $49.5 mil dorm at ISU

    Won't be surprised to see another new residence hall in the works before long.
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    Re: what we call ourselves?

    If some folks call this a toilet, then the stadium below must be an outhouse. At least ours looks nice and has indoor plumbing.
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    Re: COLUMN: Thank you, Oklahoma president

    Conference networks that rely on the cable subscription model (like the Big 10) are going to have a major problem very soon because the future is alacart pay TV. No longer will millions of cable...
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    Re: *** Official 2016 Recruiting Thread ***

    Boy, that's what I call a firm commitment.
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    Re: No Commits on june 16th?

    Even the best d-back can't cover for longer than several seconds. That's why d-line is the most important position on the field. A poor d-line makes the secondary look much worse than it is. ...
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    Re: No Commits on june 16th?

    I kindly suggest that you go back and watch some film too, except I'd ask that you pay attention to the entire field.

    ANY secondary will look below average if their defensive line cannot put any...
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    Re: Prohm on Rome

    He'll be on at 1pm.
  13. Re: Scandal At North Carolina: Fake Classes, Inflated Grades

    My faith in the NCAA has been restored only a little bit by the fact that they are now going to lower the boom big time on one of the blue-bloods of collegiate athletics – University of North...
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    Re: SOURCE: Hoiberg/Bulls not a "done deal"

    I'm a huge Fred fan, but I'm afraid he's dug himself into a hole in terms of his future at ISU. If he wants to remain our coach, he can no longer just say that. He has to say publicly that he's...
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    Re: Miles Bridges tweet

    Not exactly the kind of post I'd expect from a moderator.
  16. Re: Pollard's comments from today's Tailgate tour stop re: Hoiberg

    Jamie has done a great job at ISU and I'm a big supporter, but his comments today were rediculous. How does he benefit his basketball program by continuing to stir the Hoiberg to NBA pot? I just...
  17. Re: Iowa legislature gives ISU short end of the stick

    Check this out. Notice which Regent university president did NOT sign this letter? Pretty much says it all....
  18. Re: Iowa legislature gives ISU short end of the stick

    Actually, the governor is trying to get the Republican controlled House and the Democratic controlled Senate to approve the proposed change in funding (which links the amount of funding each...
  19. Re: Iowa legislature gives ISU short end of the stick

    Making jokes and sarcastic comments makes for enjoyable reading, but it doesn't change the situation. If you really want to do something meaningful about this situation, then please contact your...
  20. Iowa legislature gives ISU short end of the stick

    Once again, the Iowa legislature intends to give ISU and UNI the short end of the stick so they can give extra funding to Iowa.

    What's wrong with this picture?
    *Iowa, the university that ranks...
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