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    Re: Hoiberg Watch 2015: Thursday, May 28 Thread

    Looking at this list is really painful. WE ARE Iowa State.
  2. Re: Legacy Defining Moment: Pollard Steps Up To The Plate

    I think it would. If this were to somehow happen, I could die happy, honestly. It would be like the crazy Cub fans who just want to see one World Series win in their lifetime. Cyclone fans are so...
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    Re: Matt A's replacement speculation

    As long as it's not someone else from "within the program". Hiring Micah Byers or someone like that would be really questionable. After this year's inconsistent defense, I hope Fred will hire someone...
  4. Thread: Next Years Team

    by DSM4Cy

    Re: Next Years Team

    I wouldn't say "teach defense", I think our guys showed great ability to play D in stretches this year. How about finding someone to build toughness and consistency. This season was INCREDIBLY...
  5. Re: *** Official UAB vs #9 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    This is the reason I couldn't stand this year's team vs. last year's. Last year we played with heart, and this year we played with a sense of entitlement that we hadn't earned through anything....
  6. Re: *** Official UAB vs #9 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Agree - and this happens to a lot of teams - but how is it so hard for our guys to give 40 minutes of effort for 1 game? The potential of this team is SO HIGH. Final Four possibly. Why chance it by...
  7. Re: *** Official UAB vs #9 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    For example, McKay's effort right there on the putback was the most I have seen from him today. Where has that been? Where has the intensity been that we just had on defense getting 2 blocks? THAT is...
  8. Re: *** Official UAB vs #9 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    I think what some people don't get about the frustration is that by all rights, if we were playing how we can, we would be crushing them. Up by 10-15. It seems that defensive effort was lacking in...
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    Re: Best of Luck to the Fearsome Seven!

    6) Kansas...

    must be destroyed? :jimlad:
  10. Thread: Ku's Cliff ...

    by DSM4Cy

    Re: Ku's Cliff ...

    I have a bracket with an all-Big 12 Final Four, but no KU (Texas). Not likely to happen but would be fun.

    I also made a bracket with us beating KU in the title game. Also just because of how...
  11. Re: Love the rule changes they made for the NIT. Really hope this causes change.

    What some people don't realize is that by shortening the shot clock, you will also shorten the time at the end of the game where fouling comes into play. Teams won't have to start fouling quite as...
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    Re: How Far Do You Have ISU Going?

    This is the best combination of team and favorable bracket that we have ever had. I'm going to believe that we win the whole damn thing until proven wrong!
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    Re: *** Official SELECTION SUNDAY Thread ***

    That there was a "clear gap" between the top 8 and #9, as he has been saying all week. Bunch of crap. Apparently conference tournaments really don't mean anything.
  14. Thread: Baylor/Tech

    by DSM4Cy

    Re: Baylor/Tech

    I agree that their fan support is pathetic for a top 15 team. However, they seem to have bigger crowds than any other conference school in Texas or Oklahoma this year. Frankly, all those schools...
  15. Thread: Baylor/Tech

    by DSM4Cy

    Re: Baylor/Tech

    I love that I care about this game now when I wouldn't have 5 years ago. I still hate that we don't have all the Big 8 schools and hate "realignment" but I love the 10-team league and that every...
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    Re: The BIGGER picture.

    Whoa there. Love the passion...and agree on comparing this year to last year. They are very similar years. However, I think a lot of the negativity is coming from people who expected more this year....
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    Re: What was Eric Heft saying???

    Eric is one of the last links to Pete Taylor. Growing up listening to those two made me a Cyclone fan. JW has been a truly amazing replacement for Pete. We have had the best radio team in college...
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    Re: ***Official Iowa State Apology Thread***

    I couldn't be happier to be wrong. First real signs of toughness and grit out of this team when it counts ALL SEASON. We will need this kind of play in our next 10 games ;)
  19. Re: *** Official #12 IOWA STATE vs Kansas State Game(day) Thread ***

    This team doesn't have a burning desire to win at all costs. We should be running teams like this out of the gym, and then stepping on their throats. This team likes to have "fun" but doesn't have a...
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    Re: ISU @ KU Postgame

    Would like to think so. Our toughest 3 games (in theory) are over (KU, @KU, @WV). But these guys have laid some real eggs (see SC, TT). I don't get the same sense of toughness and resiliency as last...
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